Halo 2 with controller

I’m a regular FPS player on PC. I was wondering how good the ppl are in Halo 2. I mean, how can a controller be good enough to play against a keyboard/mouse user?

I’ve seen those keyboard/mouse converters for Xbox so I’m just wondering what would happen if a whole army of PC UT2004, Doom 3, Quake 4, etc. came onto xbox live with their keyboard and mouse.

just wondering.


i really see no way of playing halo 2 with other than the xbox controller, just the way things are slower than in more high paced fps’ balances it out with the controller just right

I dont really play fps games anymore… but that was a looong time ago, and apparently nothing has changed… there was speculation that it would make console gaming alot easier for those who have it and unbalanced for those who dont… but I havent heard anything since (everyone i know still plays fps). Also, usin a pad is easy enough lol, and yes with halo2 specificly it would probably be worse on a keyboard.

isnt halo available on PC?

Halo is good on pad because of the insane amount of auto aim. KB and mouse would be horrible for it.

I’m an avid Keyboard and Mouse FPS player. Me and my friend got the Keyboard/Mouse adaptor to play Halo 2. In short, it sucks. The game has auto aim, which you can’t turn off, which is meant to help controller players. Thus, your shots won’t feel as accurate as they do on the PC. I play better with a controller for Halo 2, than on a keyboard, for that reason. Plus, in order to turn 180, you have to pick up and drag your mouse a considerable amount. Add to that the fact that the up/down sensitivity is different than the left/right sensitivity.

Buy it for PC, or stick to controller. It’s designed to be a controller FPS, so its easy to play.

I personally use this controller for Halo 2: http://www.gameseek.co.uk/pd/Xboxzn3kexn3sczkj6vs/#prodimg


yeah. or the standard Xbox controller S will do just fine…

That’s like saying the standard PS2 Controller will do for SF. Sure it works, but not to your fullest potential like a joystick.

With the FPS controller, I have access to each button at the touch of a finger. I don’t have to take my thumb off the aiming stick to melee, or reload, or jump, or anything. I can do it all at the same time. It is the same feeling as having everything able to go on at the same time like with a keyboard/mouse.

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