Halo 2: XBL Gamer Tag Avatars [Free]

[Request] Halo 2: XBL Gamer Tag Avatars

If you play Halo 2, and you wanted a Halo 2 avatar with you xbl gamertag on it then, go ahead and request.
Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose who you would like in your avatar (Either Spartans or Convenant).
  2. Choose a color you would like.
    3 Give your XBL Gamer Tag.
  3. Premium Member: Yes/No
  4. Wait for your avatar…

Below is the avatar I made for myself that would look simular to what your might look like:

[If you can’t see your avatar under the pickups, but your know it’s there because your name is next to it, just right click what is supposed to be the image and click “Show Image” and it should work. If that doesnt work than, just PM me and I’ll attach it OR just post up and I’ll attach it through a reply.]

Pick Ups:





(I couldn’t work with the colors to well for some weird reason when I was making Kakarottes avatar, so I just made 2 different colors for him.)

Meel J:

I’m seriously doing this pose for to many avatars but if people like it then heh.


Random Villain:

Archangel Ryu:

Dios X:

[EDIT: The animation is too big. I’ll see If I can make it smaller]{EDIT 2: I can’t make it smaller even with the crappiest settings. If I remove frames, it’ll look really messed up. It’s up to you… Just tell me what you want me to do.]


(sorry it took so long.)



Steel Dragon:

Stupid me…

it HAS to be master chief or a covenant? i have a cortana pic id like to use but not sure if you would do it/

2.Black and Red (Either or Both)
3.Doc Scream
5.Will do

I’m currently at school now but when I get home, I’ll start your avatar requests right away.

DIOS: Yeah sure, just attach the pic or send it through PM.

I’ll get in on this.

  1. Spartan
  2. Navy blue/dark blue/black
  3. Supreme Skillz
  4. No
  5. Thnx!

Peace out

1.) Custom
3.) Dios X
5.) weeeee

DJ NGGR, SilentScream666, and kakarotte, pick yours up at the top.

Dios X, I just started yours so expect it sometime tomorrow.

Hotshit HAQ good job.


Thanks OC :karate:

Sure, I’ll get started on it after school today.

Thnx HAQ. Man DJ NGGR has one with that sweet as pose on his… I’m jealous :rofl:

Maybe I could get that pose? :sweat: :bgrin: If not it’s cool… thnx again!

Thanks HAQ. One thing though, on the XBL gamertag you put Doc Stream think you can change it to Doc Scream?


Kakarotte: Sure thing, but it will look somewhat different than your current one since I didnt save the psd.

SilentScream: Shit! I’m sorry, I’ll get this fixed right now.
EDIT: Here ya go doc -

Thanks. :tup:

  1. Spartan
  2. White/Blue
  3. AGkyo
  4. No =[
  5. Awesome, thanks!
  1. Spartan
  2. Blue
  3. Random Villain
  4. No


thanks if it not to late.

hey HAQ, if your not done with my av yet, hit me up in a pm or somethin, me gots a question to see if you can do somethin with my av.

Sorry, I’ve been busy playing Halo 2 so I didn’t have time to start on anyone elses requests.
Dios, hit me up through PM and tell me whatever you wnated to say.

I will start off by making Dios’s avatar today and then MeelJ and if I am still in the mood, I’ll start on the person after Meel J. Sorry everyone but I couldn’t help but play Halo 2 instead of designing anything in general from avatars to 3d renders.