Halo 3



hey if you guys play alot of Halo3 hit me up,

Im from rochester MN and sponsered by “PWNED” Randy “N0M4D” Fitzgerald is building up a team for MLG and we are looking for some players.


I’am down to play some games with you under the “MLG” matchmakeing playlist,can’t say I’am the shit at Halo 3,in fact I just started playing Halo 3.I was a big fan of Halo one’s Pistol and Halo 2’s Br,but something about Halo 3 just seems to casual for me,like the game just isent tournament worthy like Halo:CE(backpack reloading) and Halo 2’s Br weapon glitches(R,R,X - B,x,R).If you want to play for fun hit me up my gamertag is:

Mighty Amok

send me a tex with: " I’am form Shoryuken.com" on it or I might think your a random person and deny you.

I also play CoD4(I’am soild),TeamFortress 2(I’am noob),Marvel vs. Capcom 2(I’am tournament worthy!),and Street Fighter 4 of course(I’am solid).


yeah H3 is def made to be noob friendly, competitive play is all about controlling spawns, it might as well be an rts not a fps. So many pros have terrible BR’s but teamwork is such a huge part that individual skill literally doesn’t matter if your team can set up well enough. I hate how h3 is played when compared to h2 and h1. I just wish I had gotten in to h1 when it was popular because atm it’s my fav fps.


Hey guys. I’m a 40+ Lone Wolf in Halo 3 looking for Team Slayer partners. Shoot me a PM or friend request if you want to play some time.


gamertag : t rillah

was in a team but didnt go cus of exams. i’m a good solid player.


lol @ 09ers talking bout halo on a fighting game forums


I just got started playing halo.

hit me up so we can team up and play :rock:

i wanna get good.


this is the place to set up NON FIGHTING GAME MATCHES. check out the thread title dude.


who’s up to play some matches right now???


46 in team swat ova here


Just got started a few weeks ago. Like it well enough. Hit me up for anything non-MLG.


My tag is For The W , sounds like some good fun


to much aim assist going on in Halo games. I can’t stand it. They need to remove aim-assist for consoles already. I just don’t understand what all the fuss is about with a game that HELPS a person aim. Whats even WORSE is even if you disable aim-assist under the options… aim assist still exist to some degree. I do understand for the need of it. Its the only way to compensate for the lack of precision that is found with analog pads over mouses, but still. There are plenty of ppl out there that would like a game that doesn’t sticky/auto/aim assist for them for the entire game. It’ll be PC FPS games for me until consoles get rid of auto-aiming.


Yah I agree, I’ve been a PC gamer since i was 7 years old, 17 years now. I’ve stayed away from console fps for basically ever, I finally caved in and bought cod4 for 360 just because SO many friends IRL played it. Of course i was usually tops in every round but I did not enjoy it. The lack of precision kills it for me. My dad always told me since I was young that whatever your work is make sure you have the best tools to do it. Playing an fps with a controller is far from the best tool. There are things you cant dream about doing on console that I can pull off with my eyes closed straight out of muscle memory on M&K.

As for aim assist, as lame as it is I do believe it is ESSENTIAL for console games. If there wasnt aim assist it would only show more how bad console controllers are for FPS. It doesnt matter how good you are with analog sticks, you could be the best in the world but a guy just good on mouse could destroy you. Aim assist is needed to cover up the fail that is console fps gaming


You sir, are quite wrong. Try playing H2 pc using M+K =]

That sounds ridiculous. Why would you when you can just play M+K without any aim-assist? Counter strike was on original xbox and there was a small competetive community for that and as far as I’m aware you could turn aim assist totally off, did you play that?

I’m not calling you guys narrow minded but you haven’t seen the light, lol. There is a lot more to competetive Halo (MLG) than you think. Obviously, a better player is a better player… obvious statement is obvious but it’s not about who kills who. I’ve been trying for a way to get my message across to you all but I can’t really find the words so, just consider this:

The main weapon the BR takes at least 4 pulls of the trigger to kill someone, so if you have a BR battle to the death with someone, chances are it’ll last like 3 seconds… that’s a hell of a lot of time for a confrontation. On CS people (or myself) are dead within fractions of a second.
Consider this also, you respawn… which is nothing new in itself but combine that with the fact it’s a team game which gametypes you’ll be playing are balanced for competetive play.
Consider that, when you die, you have 10 seconds to spawn.
Consider that, when you spawn, chances are the other team will be pushing to your side.
Consider, they’ll be positioning themselves into advantageous positions.
Consider how you’ll counter that.

I’m sorry if I come across as arguementative or disruptive. I’m really not trying to piss anyone off I just feel as if people dismiss halo unfairly due to them being ‘old dogs’ (which, to a degree, I can understand why). Halo is fantastic for competetive play on consoles, CoD4 is not, however CoD is good for PC’s why? Because its formula… didn’t really have consoles in mind.

Talking about competetive console shooters though, have any of you heard of ShadowRun? It’s like CS but expanded with technology+magic. I believe it makes for a better competetive shooter for consoles but it didn’t really take off due to no marketing and it’s also not a proven franchise in any way.

I play Halo3 regularly if anyone wants to play, add me, I’m lv30 MLG on my first acc but I’ve reached 40… You’ll probably be terrible at it… in which case we can play SF4 YAYYYY!

Peace out


I like Gaylo too! we should lather up together and play Gaylo somtime!


I Play Halo 3.
I’m a 36 but I Personally think I play around Brig level.
So er… Yeah… I also only play on Weekends Because My Parents love me…


this thread may be dead but if anyone from here still plays add me, gt is wait d0nt sh0ot

those are zeros in dont and 1st is zero in shoot 2nd is O


Do People still play Halo with so many other good games out? Just asking no offense intended.


yup, people still do