Halo at Evolution 2k4

I think it would be nice if some ppl could bring their XBoxs to play Halo in the 2nd Tournament Hall.

I’m down to play some friendly money matches($10-$20 a game), 2 on 2(linked), 50 kills, default weapons.

Or just to play for fun.

Anyways, I think this could be fun, let me know.

I told you guys… Spyro is fucking Cable himself. Offering to shoot niggaz down. Sheeeet.

:lol: money matches?.. i got a friend who pretty dope at halo… maybe i’ll bring him down… so yeah tell me if this is really goping down… i also think id be cool if all the ppl who can’t come to evo could play ppl at evo (in the freeplay hall) via X-live…

The problem is that I can’t bring my XBox cause I’m traveling from Puerto Rico and taking that to cali would be too much hasle.

If you and/or your friend or anyone else from the area can bring their XBoxs then I’ll be down to play those money matches no problem.

I’m down with Halo…
Alien weapons are whack though.

then in that case…
me too.

Genghis, would you like to be my partner?

K, cool, cya guys there.

No, how am I going to kill you then?

i’ll take mike ross’ money in halo.

no joke!

I’ll play dammit…
How 'bout this:

2 vs 2 CTF
Hang 'em High
5 flags
Human weapons only
No radar (of course)
shields, 100% health
Generic start

and o course slayer is always fun… except boarding action and Chiron

Jes don’t forget Rockets are the pussy way out!!!

since me and you are gonna be on a team when do u wanna practice and get some games in.

qwazy - impossible.

lets play in the dinning area… since my friend isn’t registerring for the tourney… so he can’t get in to the 2nd hall… but he is pretty dope at halo…

For anyone interested in playing my team for money:

I’m only gonna play by the rules I posted in the initial post.