HALO players coming to evo

i dunno what happend to the other halo thread (guess it got deleted) but yah a couple of my friends are going to evo and they are hella good halo players but havent gone to any halo tourneys and wanna experience some real good challangers, i heard there are some good people here on srk so they are gonna show up to evo with there own xbox and i think t.v, so if you guys wanna play some money match’s with them they are more than open to any challange and are gonna be there all friday night waiting for people to play, they are also down to have a 2 on 2 tourney also if enough people wanna play… post up if any of you people are willing to put up money against them, im willing to make side bets on them too if anyone else wants to make things more interesting … :smiley:

Im down. I’ll have my modded xbox of good-ness with me as well.

Find me in the free play lounge.

cha cha

cool … anyone else down for some money matchs? … its kinda good that this is happening fighting games all day burn me out and i need another type of game to get my mind off set of fighting games … anyways, i know mike ross and genghis play halos … so i guess my friends will challange them for money :smiley:

Not money matches but a team tournament would be really fun, I’ll have my xbox there mostly for alpha 3, but I’ll use for halo as well.

team tourney is cool i can run the brackets if u guys want… i just want my friends to experience a gaming tourney for the first time

i havent played halo in like a year…im trying to give other players a chance to catch up to my level.

lol j/p. I guess im up for halo games…but no $$ im garbage.

yo…halo is the game. im down to play money matches with anybody, the only thing is that everybody from NE doesnt play halo. so…if theres anybody thats good that wants to pick me up, im game. and ill play anybody 1on1 for the do rey mi. just make sure its on seperate tvs tho



I made that thread, it’s still around here somewhere… I’m not gonna make it to Evo though, that’s why I didn’t keep that thread alive.

Good luck to everyone going to Evo.

Yo, someone bring a router, so we can link that shit. I dont feel like disconnecting any of mine and draggin it to CA.

cha cha

eeeee … i dont think my friend has one, i wouldent know cuz i personally dont like xbox or halo :lol: … if someone can please hook it up with that then it would be cool … Thegreaterforece, stop sandbaggin mike and team up with tong beast! …

someone please bring a router, i didnt know u needed that shizzle :smiley:

nvm my friend has 2 link cables or whatever u call them :smiley: … oh also my friends kinda get wild when they play so if they kinda go crazy on you, dont be offended or shocked :lol:

Don’t worry I take pleasure in watching people get upset when they lose.