Halo Reach: Always Out Numbered But Never Out Gunned

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First ever Gameplay footage Vidoc1 - [media=youtube]T0_jiB2hqeQ[/media]
For Alpha footage the game looks and sounds like it is shaping up to be the Halo game fans wanted :rock:

Update 1st of April 2010 New info > Exclusive Interview On The Halo: Reach Sandbox - Features - GameInformer.com

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Har Har.

I like how they seem to be looking back to how things were in Halo 1. I really liked that game but I didn’t like the direction they went for the rest of the series.

Firefight needs to return for sure

I think it’s been unoffical confirmed by Bungie who said we can expect to see all the extras that were in Halo 3 in Reach.

ODST played a lot like Halo1 as well including having a really strong, fast firing pistol and health. Game just felt really Halo1. Really liked that.

I thought it was always kinda silly to have a pistol be one of the strongest weapons in the game.

I mean, its a pistol.

as awesome as the pistol was in H1, this statement is so true. however, that needle rifle and dmr look awesome. can’t wait to try em out.

That’s why they should have just created some sort of rifle that functioned about the same as the old pistol. Before Halo 2 came out, I was saying that they should just do that, make it one of the default spawning weapons, and balance the rest of the weapons and gameplay around it. It would certainly have been better than the “spawn with a crappy weapon and then look for something better” design that they ended up using, although it was partly saved by the decent dual wielding combos you could make with the SMG.

The new single shot rifle seems to fit my original idea, but it remains to be seen how it will actually function in the final game, and whether it will be a default spawn weapon. The biggest issue that I have with Halo 2/3’s multiplayer is that the maps are so big and open, and yet there are so few long range weapons and none of them are available when you spawn. IMO the pistol was why Halo played so well, it gave you a weapon that could function well at most distances, but there were still other weapons on the map that were stronger in their own areas of expertise (sniper rifle, shotgun, plasma rifle, rockets, etc).

Halo 3 sort of felt like a “safe” game that built on the Halo 2 foundation, so I’m interested to see what Bungie might do now that they seem to be moving away from that.

if the final version of the dmr is anything like the one in the vid, i’m sure you’ll be able to spawn with it. although i heard somewhere that it’s capable of one shot kills. i hope that i ain’t true. either way, this game is looking pretty epic. that new engine is awesome.

You heard correctly, but this is one of the many things the Beta is there for, Bungie will use the data to balance the game, another example is the assinations this 3 person perpective might be removed aswell. Personally I hope the DMR stays a 1 shot (headshot) kill, I love playing SWAT in Halo 3.

Quick Question why don’t they make more Halo games where you play as the regular marines. I thought in this game we play as regular humans but sadly I’m mistaken it gets pretty boring playing as Super Soldiers every game.

Halo 3: ODST

Halo Reach you will be a Spartan III, even though you are a super soldier you won’t be the human tank Master Chief was in the previous games but you won’t be as weak as an ODST.

I’m sure Bungie will hit the mark again. All the Halo games pretty much rocked for me, especially multiplayer.

ah, so that assassination is going the way of the combo in halo 2 beta. also, i saw one of the spartans sprinting in the vid doc. i wonder if they’ll incorporate that into the game? something like gears maybe?

Sprinting will be one of the Armor Abilities. Don’t really see a need for animated assassinations, one hit melee works fine.

Like Kalyx said, its a armour ability. Bungie have decided to get rid of the old system of single use powerups, instead if you pick up the sprint ability you can use it for a limited period of time before it runs out and requires recharging. They have confirmed a few of them already (off the top of my head sprint and camo, but they promise many more)

The problem with the old 1 hit kill is that it’s unrealistic and completely boring, at least now they are content sensative which suggests there will be different animations when attacking different enenmy and weapon types. :rock:

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty hype for this.

Maybe the timing will work similar to jacking vehicles, or AvP’s executions?

And on the armor abilities, I’m sure it’ll work exactly how the Arbiter’s cloak ability worked in Halo 2. It would seem Reach will combine a lot of conventions across the Halo series.

Kinda makes me wish i didn’t sell my xbox months ago, meh. I would probably play this game for a month and get bored of it, like most shooters.