Halo Reach:Overhyped

You cant deny this people. You seen the lame **** commercials ever 5 minutes. Your xbox providing you with useless crap info about it. Lame trailers and ViDOC’s which nobody cares about. this is the reason why i didnt want reach. and the Beta was horrible.

mom wouldn’t buy it for you?

You should kill your parents then

Coming from a person who doesn’t play Halo at all, I can safely conclude:

You mad.

Don’t worry, in 8 years when you can actually buy things on your own, you can get it then.

Damn brah, sucks that you can’t buy an “M” Rated game because you’re 14. :confused:

You know you guys arent funny? Im not getting because its garbage. Read the title of the thread and use your brain…Im sorry you guys dont have any :frowning: sorry maybe your parents can buy you one.

It’s funny that we’re the ones without brains when we’re not the ones mistaking this place for a blog.

Oh snap, he called us children.

He must be mad.

I always wondered why people think their inane prattle about topic X warrants its own thread when a thread already exists for topic X. And I love that SRK shuts down that nonsense with swiftness.

Hell, man, there’s a lot of popular shit I think doesn’t deserve a single iota of its praise, and I keep those sentiments contained to their respective threads, instead of thinking my feelings deserve their own thread.

In short: go back to GameFAQs. Fuckin’ scrub.

Dr. B goes well with any topic.

Parents probably shouldn’t have given him the extra French Fries. Extra Salty.

Are you trying to be cool or something? It sucks somehow because you’ve never played it?

Halo reach is a legit fun game. Sorry mommy and daddy didn’t buy it for you.

Overhyped? Of course they are going to do that. It isn’t even overhyped by much. This is their last Halo game. They’ve said that they want this game to do well, so all of that advertisement is necessary to make sure it does just that.

By the way, are you even 14? Most of my friends don’t spend thier time randomly ranting about a game they’ve never played before because they couldn’t afford it.



Everyone but the OP is out of line. If a game doesn’t exceed all expectations, it’s trash. And betas always tell the whole story. ALWAYS.

My God man…

Shut your fucking mouth.

It’s is doing as well as they planned. 600,000 players online on halo today.

It coulld be breaking records. He’s just ranting for attention.

Sgt Hatred proves once again that when sarcasm fails, be direct.

Dude have you ever play halo before, because if you haven’t then you need to and if you have then your INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE.

I found a brown piece of lettuce in my sub today. I think I should make a thread complaining about it.

FAIL internet warriors attack LOL whatever i have played the full game=waste of time. So if you like reach…your a bum/scrub/failure