HALP! Compiling character stats, need input for Sakura

I’m compiling a spreadsheet that will allow a quick comparison between multiple characters in a predetermined set of categories, and, as many have pointed out, I am in desperate need of help determining ratings.

Please take a look at this thread:

My garbage numbers for Sakura:

Health 3
Reversal 3
AA 4
Zoning 3
Rush 3.5
Mix up 4
Damage pot 3.5
Viability 2.5

I’ll give this a shot, there’ll be other players that can provide a more accurate one than me though

Health is 950 so it’s slightly below the average health

Her reversal is not great but it’s fully invincible on startup and has nice range, but it’s 12f and it’s grounded

Her cr.hp is a very solid AA, she lacks an invincible AA, her cr.hp can be empty jumped quite easily at a certain range and punished on whiff by most characters and divekick beats her cr.hp quite easily.

Her zoning is ok, not great but I’m happy enough with it.

Her rushdown is very solid, she has very fast normals up close and her frame traps are quite solid and she has a 3f cl.hp

Her mixups are quite nice, she can blow up crouch tech with tatsu if they try to grab you, her j.mk is a very nice crossup, her resets in the corner are so sick and she has certain setups to make for very ambiguous shit

Her damage is what makes her, she has one of if not the best damage output in the game.

Viability, she is tourney viable imo, she’s a solid mid/mid-high tier as of now.

I assume this is out of 5

Health - 3.5
Reversal - 2
AA - 3.5
Zoning - 3
Rush - 3.5
Mix up 4
Damage pot - 5
Viability - 3.5

That’s just my opinion anyway.

Here is what I think.

Health - she has 950 health and 1000 stun. Her healthy is slightly below average and her stun is average.

Reversals/AA’s - Sadly Sakura’s only reversal (EX Shouken) is meter dependent. It has some start up frame invincibility and can be FADC’d for more potential damage, making it totally worth it in the long run.

Her main AA’s are st.fp, cr.fp, and far st.mk. St.fp has a 3f startup and can hit people if they try to cross you up. Cr.fp has a 4f startup and is hands down the AA you’ll be using the most. It however can be punished by divekicks very easily if you don’t time it just right. Last her far st.mk can be used as a situational AA when an opponent is jumping from a far distance.

Zoning - Sakura’s main tool for zoning is her fireball. Even though the EX version is the only one that goes full screen, she can give the opponent hell if the right fireball is used at the right situation. Mixing up the charges on her hadouken from a distance will keep the opponent guessing if it’s a right time to jump. One wrong guess can lead the opponent to land on a fireball.

She can also use a lot of normals in the air to keep her opponent away. Her forward j.mp is hands down one of the best air to airs in the game. Other air to airs include forward j.lk, nj.mk, and nj.fp. Also if stuck in a corner, she can air tatsu over the opponent to safety.

Rushdown - Sakura has a pretty strong rushdown game. She can keep on pressure with her lk tatsu loops, blow up crouch tech spammers with a large option of frame traps including lk tatsu, a very range deceptive overhead, very fast up close normals, a long range poke (cr.mk) that can be cancelled into shouken for easy punishes, and two very easy comboable ultras. Her main weakness however is a strong turtle, but the second she gets in she can turn into a nightmare for many.

Mix Up - Sakura’s mixup game relies on combing into EX tatsu, this is actually a easy task that has a lot of possibilities if the opponent is hit. In the corner is where Sakura shines as she can easily deceive the opponent after she lands a EX tatsu seeing she can choose which side to continue her assault from. Even using Otoshi after EX tatsu can lead into a scary mix up game utilizing a fully charged hadouken.

Damage Potential - Sakura hands down has one of the highest damage outputs in the game. A basic punish can easily net you over 300 damage while a more advance punish can lead up to over 500 damage.

Viability - Though she isn’t easy for any one new starting the game, she is hands down a tournament viable character. All she takes is a lot of practice and a lot of good decisions.

So overall here are my numbers.

Health - 3.5
Reversal - 2
AA’s - 3.5
Zoning - 3.5
Rushdown - 3.5
Mixup - 4.5
Damage Potential - 4.5
Viability - 3.5

Sorry if this worded a little weird, I wrote this on my iPhone while at work lol.

Thanks guys. Made a few changes to the categories, should be updating things over the next few days.