Hamachi p2p works more often for me, maybe it will for you also

I don’t know about the experiences of others. But, when I meet up with someone in a kaillera chatroom and try p2p by the “waiting games” method, it works for me maybe 10% of the time? Very unreliable way for me. The “giving ip address” method works maybe 30% of me. But, downloading hamachi and connecting using that has worked for me 100% of the time. Its like an instant messenger with p2p in it. If anyone else is interested, I’ll put a link to it.

Kaillera P2P usually works for me. Helps if your ports are forwarded and all that stuff. I’d like to try this out just for the hell of it tho.

My ports are forever closed. I can’t download bittorrent worth shit because of it and can’t host p2p. Can’t forward anything heh. Tried to open my ports plenty of times, but, its just not gonna happen…

yea hamachi has helped me too…just post a link so we can refer to this thread in case anybody needs it…many ppl on kaillera dont even know what p2p or hamachi is

May I ask: What kind of modem/router you have right now, DIM? Be specific, please…

Could you post the post the link for hamachi please?


Hamachi no work for vista

How do you play using Hamachi? I’ve used it for other things but do you just connect to the IP on the p2p client like you would for a normal p2p game?

hamachi is meant to be used if you cant host a game…if your opponent is hosting then you can just connect…when you host…you have to make sure your opponent has hamachi too and connects to your “server” (hamachi gives you an IP…your opponent connects to YOU using it) as for hosting…just go to p2p list and create a game and when your opponent connects you can start the game

Try looking for an option in your router that u can enable dmz for the computer your on.

quick rant: i love hamachi, it works.


i had a great set with Dimmu on hamachi…i got vista

that sucks

Guys gotta know about this. And, people who help do online tournaments. If you make it a prerequiset to use hamachi, I think it might help solve some problems with people connecting to play each other with p2p.

vista users can’t use hamachi addresses with p2p to connect… and 1/2 the time the games dont show up on the waiting games list.

Theres no such thing as a waiting games list though, from what I’ve experienced. What you do is basically instant message someone using hamachi, get their ip, and connect p2p using a regular p2p client with the ip you got from the hamachi. Its never failed me, and I don’t know of a waiting game list with hamachi.

Blacklisted for some reason from irc chat, dl’ing this now…

Hamachi is the only thing thats worked for me so far. I was able to get totally lag-less Genesis play with my cousin in Michigan (I’m in Pennsylvania.) Still its limited compared to the number of people you can meet on Kaillera.

If you can’t host in nfba because you can’t forward your ports, Hamachi will fix that, good stuff…

lol it worked magic for us