Hamilton 3S Mini Tourney

Results of the 3S Mini tournament held at Mohawk College. Thanks to all participants and sorry for the disorganized nature of the tourney. Also apologies for the faulty MP on the 1p side. Thanks to Dogberry and Gerjay traveling from Sauga for participating.

1st Dogberry (Q, Akuma)
2nd Gerjay (Chun Li, Makoto, Yun, Urien)
3rd WB! (Ibuki)
4th Random Hero (Alex)
5th RPGV2 (Oro) *defaulted
5th Veggiebob2000 (Ken) *defaulted
7th chronic (Makoto)
7th Heavenly Striker (Akuma)

–RPGV2 and Veggiebob2000 forfeit cause they didn’t want to get their asses kicked by me…err, I mean, cause they didn’t have enough time… :slight_smile:
–Dogberry wins tourney undefeated
–Dogberry defeats Gerjay in Winners Final 2-0
–Gerjay defeats WB! in Losers Final 2-1
–Dogberry takes Grand Finals over Gerjay 3-2

if Sauga won a 3s tourney against hamilton, hamilton must be pretty bad at 3s

hey im a hamilton player that couldnt make it to the tourny if i was there maybe just maybe things could have been different, we will never know.

Well, next time show up then…

It’s just that Q is top tier. That’s all.

damn I wish I had time to play in that…my ORO would own u all lol…considering I just learned how to use him in 10mins lol

well that’s 2 tourny forfeits for me in the last 3…hopefully next time I won’t have to forfeit hahaha…

i just remember this being funny during the tourny:

jamie:"hey jim, just play kevin before you go"
jim:"i gotta go"
me:"jamie, if u pay for him, he’ll play"
jamie:"ok i’ll pay"
jim"sweet, free game"
nam:“but that’s my credit”

teddy>>yeah 3s isn’t crazy here like in TOSF…i barely play the game…and i manage to win somehow…it’s probably my randomness :lol:

Oh for fuck’s sake Kevin and Gerjay came top 2 in a 3S tournament? Team Brampton would have run that shit so badly with my shittier than shit Akuma and Steve’s barely respectable Yang. BOOOOOO!

In all seriousness, congrats to Team Sauga for holding shit down.


Don’t trash me… I’m too good at 3S…

Ya, I know I don’t play that game. Its called turtle and just beat out what they do. lol, sorry for any boring matches I might have given you guys.

I got to winner’s finals using the only character I can use… Chun. Then decided I wouldn’t use her anymore after that.

That just wasn’t my day.

You guys probably saw me play at my very WORSE.

I was really disappointed in Team Rev for not being there (this is, obviously, before I found out what really happened) and never really gotten into the game completely (my mind was too occupied trying to figure out where the fuck they are and shit like that).

I just played really amature-ish and turtled more often than not (which I almost never do when I’m gamed).

But, whatever.

sauga won 3s.

sauga won with Q.

I’m sure hamilton has some mad skillz :slight_smile: