Hamilton April Thread

Today I got owned by the mohawk scrubs on cvs2…they OCV’d me 3 times :tdown:

who’s up for gaming this weekend?..i talked to jim and john

vanny/darko what’s up?

ppl ocv’d you?!?!? what team where they using, and what team were YOU using?!?

Damn, you must have sucked. I mean, who do you think you are? Me? :lol:

hey Jaime,

I remember when Dave owned you at that first LAN party tourney LOL.


yeah I was using A-blanka/rolento/bison

got owned up by this guy using C-dan/kyosuke/king :tdown:

you got ocv’d by a SCRUB with BLANKA on your team?!?!?!?! You’ve gotta quit cvs2. You’re never allowed to put blanka in shame like that ever again.

sorry to let you down like that heh…now that april fools day is over I shall thank jim for the last 24 hours of gaming too much cvs2…but at least I got my cvs2 back :tup:

GGs to jim/vanny/john/darko

-32 wins in cvs2 last night :badboy:…I can JD again :tup:
-R4 games all day today
-Jim learning the dragon combo in 2 tries :wow:
-thats all I can think of…thanks for hosting jim :tup:

Ya, thanks jim for hosting another casual weekend.
Jim is a great host. Giving us food, drinks and letting us watch XX movies.
:tup: for you buddy.

Does anyone know what’s going on with the ride situation for this saturday?

I’ll drive.

On a side not why make an av when you can steal someone elses :clap:

By the way, on the discussion of making Darko mascot a while back, I think John would be a better mascot.

Darko can be the water boy. :tup: WaaaaaaaaaaterBOY!

Joking, joking, hope to see you guys Saturday.

That’s cool. I’ll be the navigator because I don’t wanna end up in Barrie.

It’s always an adventure when i drive. Funny thing is when im not sober i never get lost driving. :confused:

What time are we leaving hamilton at?

This way I can roll my ass out of bed, shower and somehow wash the beer smell off of me.

Jaime … You Suck.

What time is the tourney and how far is york.

york isn’t quite as far as AJAX lol


No stupid comments allowed from Hong Kong

:confused: :china: :confused: YEAH VINCE SHUT THE FUCK UP! :confused: :china: :confused:

Are we all set on the teams yet for Saturday?

This guy has the best avatar ever. http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/member.php?u=15023

sorry guys lol cough cough :wasted: