Hamilton August 2006 Thread


Everyone learn Slash…


Nice someone NOT from Hamilton started this months Hamilton Poker Thread.

Curt I’ll play slash. If your hosting something call my cell. If you guys post shit after 4 oclock on a weekday i won’t see it untill the next morning. Shit posted on weekends have to wait untill i get back to work on Monday. I love GG and no one really plays it tho.

party at john’s tomorriow?

Fuck Formac!!! Mountainbowl is the place to play poker!

Does Mountain Bowl still allow smoking? I’d consider going there again but the one time I went there was so much smoke that I was happy to get busted out of there so I could go outside and breathe.

What’s the occasion at John’s tomorrow?

They don’t have smoking anymore. In fact a lot of people were saying last night that it was a far better environment now that smoking was no longer permitted (and these are smokers so I can understand how thick the air must have been).

John moved into his new place. He’s part of Sauga now.

I myself am a smoker, and I can say that sitting in a really smoky enviroment for so long just gives me nasty headaches…

I’m probably going to go to Mountain Bowl tonight since this is about the only night I can possibly ever make it.

Side Tables > Cash Game

I figure everyone’s on holiday tomorrow (except me) so I’ll host tonight.

  • $20 SnG NLHE (max eight players) OR $10 PLO
  • Guilty Gear Slash & CvS2 casual

I’ll be back in Hamilton around 8:30pm so everyone is free to come by after that. I have work at 10am tomorrow so I can’t host past 3am. Please find me on MSN or post in here if you’d like to attend.

I’ll drop by around 9. I’ll check up later if any plans change.

Sorry i couldnt set up a party this weekend. Apparently the lounge room can only have up to 4 ppl and my new place is freaking hot. I’m going to pick up a heavy duty fan some time this week. i’m planning on coming back to hamilton every weekend to visit the family, so if anything up, i’m interested.

Vanny, Greg and I are hitting Mountain Bowl tonight. We’ll probably get there for 6:15pm to register early. Anyone else up for it?

curt when am i gonna kick your ass in slash?

I’m hosting casual CvS2 & Slash tonight. There’s an optional $20 NLHE or $10 PLO but if people aren’t up for it and only want to play games that’s fine with me.

I also picked up the new Melty Blood this morning so we’ll give that a try with everyone on an even playing field.

Games start at 10:00pm

Nice, I’m in. I’ve played Melty Blood a little before on my PC, but i don’t remember how it works. The game is pretty good though.

If you guys buy food before you guys show up, can you call me at work to tell me what you guys are getting.

soooo bored, might come.

ps. worst final table ever. Good news is that more idiots will be playing KJ thanks to Jamie Gold.

i’ll make my way down also