Hamilton August 2006 Thread


1st - Teddy ($80)
2nd - Rey ($20)
3rd - Vanny
4th - Greg
5th - Justin

I thought I played well. I got in with good cards but was outkicked more often than not. I only picked up two hands that really should have paid me off (turned straight and a flopped boat) and no one wanted to bite. Ah well…

As for Slash…

Ky is stupidly broken. Teddy picks him up after not having played since XX and realizes all his old stuff works except now Ky does way more damage and he has more options to work with. I realize that Ky outpokes Sol everywhere and have to change my style up because I was getting my ass kicked in the early part of the night. By the end I was winning the majority of games between Rey/Teddy/myself with some small adjustments. I’m always happy to get practice at home for free rather than learning an expensive lesson at ORBIT.

Moving on…

I’m hosting another Slash casual + $20 SnG tonight starting at 10:00pm. Please post up here or find me on MSN if you’re coming.

Is teddy coming back? I need to play against him more. I thought that i played some pretty good poker last night.

Not tonight. Im not driving to play fucking Jamie Gold v.2! ugh…

Actually I’m just really busy tonight.

I wish my last name was Gold and not Taylor.

Anyways, if there’s any cancellation tonight, post here, don’t have cell with me.

There was a cancellation last night.

:rofl: Thanks for keeping everyone up to date. :rofl:

Vanny; I’ll dump $25 into Stars today and play a couple SnG’s with you. I’ll be home around 10:00pm.

better drop 27.50

Sounds good, I’ll be home around then also. So it shouldn’t be too bad. Hopefully, we’ll place in the money together.

Jamie gold V2??? Is that me???

:bluu: Asshole… :bluu:

No of course not, I meant the other guy who limp re-raised with AQ and limps with QQ

Happy birthday veggiebob.

Cur t sorry i couldn’t make it. I hadn’t slept since i woke up on thursday, and had just come home from Warp Tour and was really struggeling to move.

Wait, that was me… Asshole!!!

:confused: I think that was Rey. :confused:

Does anyone have a Dual Layer DVD burner? I need to burn SBO4 Slash and need a hand as I don’t have a Dual Layer burner. BTW this footage is fucking ridiculous and if you have an interest in the game you really should get a copy of it.

I want my copy of the CvS2 Team Canada Qualification DVD please.

Maybe you shoulda dealt for us instead of sleeping! :rofl:

Anyways, I’m thinking of skipping work on Wednesday. I got some shit to do in order to sell my car. So it would be a perfect day to skip work and play some poker at the Mountainbowl. Anyone interested?

I’m off Wednesday. Come over and play Slash. I have new combos that I saw on SBO4 DVD I need to try out.

Justin, where did you find the SBO4 DVD stuff for slash? Or did you order it off of play-asia?