Hamilton August Thread


T5 is in 11 days…

Who do you guys think is the best?


Rey is.





the first poster



I can’t fucking go.

Is it pointless to go there on Sunday, though?

Vince, what time?
I can make it down there tonight.

Have you contact Mario, Ike and the others yet?



It’s pretty pointless unless you’re on a 5 on 5 team or you’re in the midst of money matches. or you’re in final 8 for CvS2 (in case it goes over to the next day).


I’m going to be dropping by EG sometime around lunch for some CvS2 if anyone is around. I’ll only be there till about 2ish.



Team Rev is short a player for the 3S team tournament. looking for someone to fill the spot.



vanny>>this sunday should be alright with me for some T5 training…come by with your agetec…maybe even saturday will be a good day again


yo vince why dont we ask john to join since he is pretty good wiht makoto now


To all Hamilton players…I’m thinking of having a casual/tournament night at my place next week on either the Wednesday or Thursday night. Maybe to do a round robin thing like last time or whatever. If enough people are interested I’ll get on the details in a couple of days.

This could be a warmup for T5 if you want to think of it that way.



i’m down after 8 Jaime



im in as well



What games?



i’m good for thursday after 7pm.


Fuck, I didn’t even know about the August thread, I just kept thinking that everyone stopped posting.

Anyways, I’m probably gonna have the monday and tuesday off of work. But I guess that you guys are having it on Wednesday and Thursday. So I’m out. Sucks to be working afternoons.

BTW, what game is it?


Haven’t posted in a while. Who planned T5 to happen the same week as warp tour. Now i cant go toT5 might be able to make it on friday but saturday is a for sure no go. Finally done my exams so I now have some time for some cvs2/3s



3S and GGXX casuals at my house tomorrow at 8




i remember when people used to like. post and shit lol. CASUALS MY HOUSE AT 8




fuck you nkow your bored when…