Hamilton August Thread


i know everyone is busy… but DAAAMN… three posts in a row and nobodies replied… wtf… anyways casual tonight was fun… even though ONLY JOHN showed up… but in any case… it was fun… and yes John… i can parry now LOL… watch out ooooo… even funnier… Vince + A Groove = WHORE!.. i’m not gonna talk about it… ask John lol.


I only post when there is something to say. And you’re the one usually giving me the ammo. But besides that, we have lives. We may love playing Street Fighter, but WE HAVE LIVES!!!


i work like… lol 4-5 days out of the week 10 hours a day… go to see my girlfriend on the days that i’m off… i don’t ALWAYS play SF… just this forum has been alot deader than it has been compared to last month.



Vince, I so would’ve been there if I didn’t have to work.

Playing A-groove now?

I’ve been improving my A-groove game.
Maybe I could teach you a little something something about it next time.

Jamie, if the casual is held on Wednesday, I can make it (after 7:00 PM).
I can bring my TV along, too.

Thursday, I’m out.

I’m going to be at EG for a couple of hours later today.
Hopefully someone’s there.
If not, you all suck!


anyone up for anything after 8 tonight?



Nope, after T5 I’m taking a long break from gaming.

Re: hey

Whoa, I thought u’d still be playing, guess you’re joining me in semi-retirement…not like we play much anymore

monday monday monday…T5 training …i think

" whoa, seeing how rey and vanny are taking a little retirement from gaming, and skyflake is heading off to T.O, looks like IM GONNA OWN HAMILTON!!! WHOOO, OH YAH… I can now honestly say that I AM THE BEST!!! lol…Me and my scrubby a-groove athena will own you ALL…ALL, worst thing is, Athena is my crap character…HEHEHEHEH, im so mean. But i LIKE IT!

HAMMER TIME, oops i mean JIMMY TIME - DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA , cant touch me, DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA JIMMY TIME!! ":smiley:

back up that braggin train jus a sec there…

i know ya thought i fell off the planet but i was just on vacation. i’ll still be around to own ya’ll. :evil:

later cats

Yo Vanny, Rey, I’ll be free at about 4pm after my work tomorrow so I’ll get in touch with you guys then about practice tomorrow.

BTW, will let people know if I’m having a pre-T5 casual at my place by Tuesday.


if anyone needs sticks… i will have my double cab done by tuesday :>

it’s ghetto… but it’s my first shot at building
so :stuck_out_tongue:



So i see everyone is practicing for T5, ive been practicing like everyday even if its only for half an hour. Im pretty sure im sticking with ken for the tourny im not sure if my makoto is going to be enough of a force. I dont know, anyone got an opinion for me, mainly those who have played against me with both characters. P.S. my ken has improved very much.


You guys better damn well enjoy that break, because whenever you all decide to come back from your little hiatus to play SF again, you’ll find that everyone else will have already improved their games and kicking your sorry little asses.
So don’t go crying aboot your losses and regretting the days you hadn’t been playing SF, mm’kay?

I kid, I kid, we a family, no?

Jeff, hurry your ass to EG one of these nights.
You better be practicing…

So where are you guys training?
At Eastgate?


Damn Mario, still awake?

I haven’t seen you in a long time so I don’t know about your Ken or how much you’ve improved with him.

I thought you got more wins playing Makoto overall, so, I dunno.

We should play again soon, then I’ll give you a more up to date opinion.

Vince, I already have a stick.
I still want to check it out (not to buy or anything like that, but to see if you can really build a decent one), though.



I’m not too sure actually, but I think that’s the right one.

yo Nam whats your email


No, wait, it’s odman@3web.net.

It’s .net, not .com, I think.

yo you dont have msn


I have it, but I’ve yet to become a member.

Should I sign up?
Too fucking lazy right now, though.

Just E-mail me if you have something to say, damn it.