Hamilton February 2006 Thread


Superbowl party (casual/poker/football) starting at Noon on Sunday.

My streak is oooooooooooover…

I’ll be over around 10:30pm. Someone better be around to play some poker then!

Does anyone mind pitching on a couple of party platter sandwich deals from like Subway? I usually do this with my boys from Brampton but obviously that’s not happening and I don’t want to put that kind of money (even though it’s like a few bucks each) on everyone so I thought I’d ask first before placing an order.

Why subway?

With a few cheap ingredients and a little culinary know-how, you can come up with a whole bunch of great platters that doesn’t mainly consist of bread.

Just a thought.

Subway is the shit son.:smokin:

Casuals at my house on Friday anyone??


Ill see if i can make it, i might be in TO talking to my professors and shit, i also need to talk to the director of the program so depends.

I might be dropping by on friday. Anything going on tonite?

Oh who here plays Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi??? I got the game a couple of nights ago and was just wondering can you combo at all in this game i mean sure ive been able to connect a normal into special or supper but there doesnt seem to be any normal links or anything. Do i have to pick a certain fighting style to have links or is this just the way the game is. If so i guess its alright, i have been able to figure out some good strats with some characters.

Downloaded Ichi the Killer, tried to watch it on my TV but any videos that play on my tv just come up black. It works fine on my monitor and my TV is setup to run in clone mode. Any one have any suggestions.

umm if i remember corerectly… it might be something to do with video overlay? what kind of video card are you using?!

Oh and yeah almost forgot

Darko call me i’m free for casuals tonight.


I suggest you STFU. :tup:

Numbers for Sunday would be nice folks.

Don’t think I’ll be making it to much this weekend. Working six days straight sucks. Been having some back and neck problems as well that I’m trying to rest up when I can.

Bart, if you’re on, I’ll probably be able to drop by on Sunday for a little while if you’re free though since you’re in the neighbourhood of work. I’ll give you a call tomorrow or Sat.

Samurai Shodown games have never really been about the combos except for maybe SS4 ten hit combos. One of the modes in SS Tenka has these combos actually but not sure which mode it is or how exactly they’re used. Look in Fighting Game Discussion for the Tenka thread.

Ike and I will probably cum tomorrow sometime in the evening.
Be ready to get owned by Urien’s standing roundhouse.

Mario, you gotta bring your game stuff to my house sometime 'cause I want to play that Samurai Showdown game.

I hope Hanzo kicks ass in that game.

Yeah ill come by sometime soon. Hanzo is pretty good but he sucks in the combo groove thing jamie was talking about (yeah i figured it out). Best to play him in the default groove from what ive gathered.

casuals at 6 at my house MORE MARVEL… and some third strike.


More Marvel!!!

Im in TO right now ill try to make it back in time for some casuals, i really wanna play some 3rd strike, and yes ill play marvel but dont expect to much from me in that department :rofl:

Casuals at my house again todaY??? call my house if your interested.