Hamilton January 2006 Thread

Wow, three months in a row. That qualifies as a streak!

Must have been hard to type with a penis in each hand.

Happy New Year!!!

I’m in Brampton right now but I’ll be back in The Hammer tonight if anyone is doing something (casual/poker) I’d be in for it. Probably around 9:00pm or so?

Darko, I would like my 50 bucks some time in the new year. That’s right bitch, Cinci finished with a better record than Pittsburgh.

Not for me tonight. Gotta work real early tomorrow. I’ll be free Monday to Wednesday nights this week for anything that’s going on.

Gotta work all weekend, so no York tourney for me.

Wow, in a freeroll right now. First hand, I hit trip aces. Usually that’s when at least one idiot goes all in and as many as four go all in on shit. I make a small bet…everyone folds…:annoy:


I believe it is!
W-uh oh, someone better break this streak or it’s ovah.

Anyway, if anyone’s doing anything tonight, gimme a call.
In case anyone forget: 905-387-0528

I’ll be home all night.
"Lonelyyyy, I’m so lonelyyyy. I have nobodyyyy…"

hahaha… right with you buddy… ive been playing the A.I in 3s and i realised
how depressing it is to play 3s by yourself…
its probably more depressing then jerking off when your girl friend is sleeping right next to you :lovin:

Never Happend to me… I always woke up the girlfriend. :looney:

In some cases she’d wake ME up at in the middle of the night. then all hell breaks loose.

Then i go back to sleep


Good times. Good times.

Happy New Years. Cheeba Merry Christmas, happy new year. After skipping the first day of work in the new year i think i might actually throw up today. New Years was to much fun I fell in the bottom of the lake.

This is gonna be my last time posting on srk, because after i post no one else posts. So fuck you guys.

Shut up you oversensetive little bitch. Yeah that’s right, WHAT CHA GONNA DO!?

Who’s going to York U on Saturday? REEEEEEY!

who’s up for casuals after work today around 6pm…me and darko are looking to own some people up…

justin>>not sure about saturday…

Makes me wanna skip work now.

I’m not in for Saturday. I’m gonna play some poker and fuck some shit up.

I’m definitely in. I need a tune up before Saturday. Can one of you call my cell (Rey you have the number IIRC) when you know what’s up? I finish work at 4:00pm and I’m free the rest of the night AFAIK so I’m good to go.

Vanny; what time are you playing at? If you’re playing well into the night/morning I’d like to join you if there’s room. The tourney won’t be overly long and after dinner I’d be heading back to Hamilton and free for poker.

justin>>we’re gonna be gaming at darko’s we’re still at work and he’ll call you with directions when he’s done

I don’t have the car right now, so I dunno.
It sucks, but don’t count me out yet, though.
I’ll call Darko once/if my parents return.

ya i wanna go on saturday … what time do you think itll go to … haha… actually to be hones tit wont matter… i probably wont make it past round one anyways …

who else is going … Nam mention it i know that for sure… and Justin your in for sure?

ok…i’m going to york now with john…and then we’re gonna watch people die in “hostle”…who’s in?

GG’s with Jamie yesterday. OMG 4 straight hours of Marvel. I don’t know how Sauga players do this for stretches of like 12 hours at a time. UGH!

No GG’s to Darko for not returning my call.

Returning your call??? WTF you talking about?

Anything going on tonight?