Hamilton January 2006 Thread

darko >> late night at jimmy’s…usual…gaming/poker…we might try NGBC to see who’s BNGBCH :lol:

marvel is life

Rey; what time are people reaching Jimmy’s? Call my cell when you have details.

Who’s going for sure tomorrow to the tourney? trying to coordinate rides here.
And the people that are going, who wants to see Hostel afterwards? Post up or else i will consider other options.

I’m fucking working tommorow so I’m out. If you guys are watching the movie in hamilton, or famousplayer(or cineplex whatever it is) on Brant then ill come out to see the movie after work probably.

wassup my Hamilton heads

There’s a big part of me wanting to come out to Jimmy’s tonight but I gotta work tomorrow at 7. In fact, I’m working straight through till Tuesday now. I get next weekend off though.

What time you guys meeting up at Jim’s? Call me at my place.

Hey whats up, you coming to T7 this year?

Man, I havent been to Canada in forever. When is T7? I think the only time I’d be able to make it to Hamilton would be during the summer.

I’ve recently started playing CvS2, hopefully I’d be able to pull out a couple of wins when I get there.

And you definently have to show me the dankest of the dank. Im trying to BLAZE!!!

Next time you come in the States, send me a PM. We could meet up again.

T7 is in the summer, dont know when though. CVS2 might be more fun my Marvel game still hasn’t really gotten better. If you come out I’ll go out and buy a super blunt wrap, get you so stoned you won’t even know where you are.

We might be hitting ECC to this year.

Alright, I talked to Bart and he’s gonna drive us to York.
None of us remember its location, though.
And Bart’s gonna use Sean, while I’ll be playing Twelve in the 3S tourney.

What the heck’s Hostel? Never heard of it.

I’ll make it out to ECC just for you. :wgrin:

I met Big Azn at ECC. he aint that big.

Good luck to you guys tomorrow. Make this white boy proud. :sweat:

I saw Ike today… it was like seeing a ghost :confused:


Hostel is that new movie that Tarantino brought here… like he did with Iron Monkey…
some gore flick or something…

As for fuckin Sean… I can’t even describe the lack of excitement i have for this Nam…
:rofl: … you at least know how to own it up with twelve in some way …
but then again random shit will probably get me furhter then me actually trying…

Vince… you wanna come? i called you and left a message…

Negative… short on cash… maybe next time… besides… i’m out of practice… girlfriend got the best of me this christmas break.


Yeah, you a cool dude. I remember you talking shit in 3S, and hoping you were good because of all the shit talking.

So when you and Rachil made the MM, I had to watch. To my amazement, you rape. That Ryu was godly and too strong. The funny thing is that you played on my stick and you dont play on Japanese sticks. It was too fun to watch rapage at 4 am.

I am big, but not as tall as ya ass.

And Im pretty sure I took your money in poker. :slight_smile: :wgrin:

I definently took NKen’s money.

Damn, I really miss being in Hamilton.

:u: the truth has been spoken. Let’s see what happen at the next LAN, maybe Hamilton will start to play Marvel now.

Vince after playing #Reload on Friday I’ve decided to play it a little bit more. Start practicing, so next time we’ll know what we’re actually doing.

I guess if we play every single break we have at school there’s a chance we might get decent at #reload… but what the heck lets go for it… Oh and maybe we can get Ike to play… maybe… if he appears again.