Hamilton July Thread


you lose at life… fucking sympatico was down all night last night… there for… i could not post the first post of July…


P.S. whats everyone doing this weekend?

you both lose at life…hamilton thread was made already…but john loses more at life

gaming this weekend…CFJ bitches

where Rey??



No broadband, had to go back to dial-up.
Didn’t know aboot the LAN party.

What’s this qualifier thing?

Who’s gaming this week?

Must I have an MSN account to know everything?

Questions galore, from yours truly.

uhhh in terms of posting… i htink everyone is just busy doing other things than playing SF… oir thats my theory anyways… since i’ve been busy as hell… that would also probably include Rey since we’re in the same course at. school. oh yeah… REy… hope your better now dood… stomach flu sucks… but making fun of you in front of your g/f was funny… she’s jokes :tup:


Need names of people that are FOR SURE/100% going to stay in T.O on friday over night. Need replies by Weds so we can look at our hotel options and book it this week.

yeah reply doods… message me or John on MSN or email us… the base cost is gonna be about 28 dollars each person for the night… depending on how many people come… if 9-10 people stay over night, then itl’l be 28 a head for sure, if not then it’ll be more. (from the way i’v eplanned it)… thats to sleep comfortably, not have 8 stinking sweaty guys in the same damn room…


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Dude your gunna be playing 3s
not running track and field…
we might have rides so we might not stay overnight…

:rofl: rookie :rofl:

go to Orbit, stand all day in a huge crowd all day and you tell me if your not sweaty… noob. :lame:



Count me in!

Rey, Vince and anyone else that owns PS2. I’m taking orders for next week. If there’s anything you’re looking for ($5 as per usual) then find me on MSN. I’ll have a final list (finally) by the end of the day.