Hamilton July Thread

Figured we might as well start a new thread too since the last one is getting a bit long…

Post up, losers…:cool:

ok… new thread…in reply to the old thread’s topic about the 5on5

i’m at jims now…and we’re good with the re-scheduling…


stupid convo as always with jimmy:

me:man 9:30am is too early to wake up for buffet
jim:it’s my favorite price FREE
me:I guess, but there won’t be a line up this early
jim:you never know, there could be a fat-man convention today
me:wtf are you talking about?
jim:you know, group of guys hunt down for free buffet and they stay there all day
me:sure jim…you’re whack…
jim:anyways…free food is good for me

</end stupid convo>

after leaving the place everybody driving by is asking us what the line up is for…

I just tell them jackie chan is inside or something

anyways…time for canada day drinking

Suggestion for next casual…

this time, a 3S round robin/elite 8 tourney…hopefully by this time, the PS2 3rd Strike which is supposed to be arcade perfect will be out…

I don’t know…anyone have any suggestions on a date? We’ve got the location at Darko’s…what dates are good for everyone this month…a Sunday would probably be good again…

Jim is whack…but seriously, why argue with free food? Why didn’t you guys tell me about this? :mad: :lol:




Alright guys, just talking to Justin now and things got worked out…

Hamilton vs Brampton 5 on 5 is back on at EG this Saturday at 1 sharp…don’t be late, please…:cool:

Now its time to start the pre-match trash talking…:cool: YOU’RE GOING DOWN BRAMPTON…YOU’RE GOING DOWN!!! :lol:



Gotta repeat this in big bold letters.
You know, just in case…

Ike, Mario, if you guys are free…I could drive ya up to EG to check this shit out.

There’s no sentence any judge can lay down to punish the sheer rape we’re going to lay on you guys on Saturday. SHUT THAT SHIT OUT!







John> if you didn’t look in the old thread, how is saturday for the stick??? Just drop by EG before work and I’ll pay ya.

whoa…back on again huh…sounds good to me

i won’t be late…like jamie haha

Geez, man, I’m usually the only one that shows on time…:mad:

Anyways, catch you all tomorrow…going to check out Spider Man 2 today…


see everyone tomorrow, and I’ll show you guys why I still am best in Brampton, heh heh, hopefully, . . .

oh, and Justin, please no trash talk, please I beg of you!!



Aw SHUT UP! I trashed talked the fuck out of everyone at ECC9 including Justin Wong during the CvS2 Team Tournament and was praised by total strangers (BRYHEEEEEEM) for being jokes.

Random Trash Talk > Neufy Talk (except against Gerjay). :lol:

If the 5 on 5 finishes up at a decent hour we should run a tournament as well. If there’s one thing I noticed during Brampton vs Sauga 5 on 5, it was that this thing will end in under two hours if it’s run properly.

if there’s time for a tourny i’m up for that…i only got til about 4:30ish

oh yeah…i beat jimmy with all 6 grooves…even the ex grooves he made cause i was bored of beating his ass… :lol:

then again…who can’t beat jimmy in any of the 6 grooves

replying from the old thread,

Van - ya i’m free on sunday. meet at eastgate around 1?

:lol: That’s some great teammwork going into today’s event. :lol:

Sounds Perfect… Meet ya in the arcade dood

hey guys, sorry but i checked that the tourney was rescheduled so i just made plans and followed thru, i didn’t read that the tourney was re-rescheduled and had no idea until aaron just told me. sorry about that guys. how’d ya do anyways??

the 3s tourney sounds interesting. can’t wait.

later d00dz.

3s tourny is good Revo. will definately be hitting that up.

We got owned…I went 2-3 with one OCC with Kyo…

Not sure what the final score was but the score was 5-5 after me and Rey finished our matches. It all fell apart after that…bah, its all good, I knew we were the underdogs going in…good shit to Brampton and hope to play you all in tourneys coming up…

I seriously need to stop jumping like a newbie, that’s for sure and it was cool seeing some of the throwing violence shit Justin hit on me in casual later on…

Anyways, this is my last post for a while…I’m going to try to make the tourney at Shopper’s World on the 24th but until then, I’ve got a lot of shit to take care of…pretty sad when the only thing going right in my life is the CvS2 stuff I’ve been to lately…

Until then, I’m going to steer clear of the games for a while…I’ll get in touch with people about some casual in a week or two for preparation for Shopper’s and T5 at my place or at Jim’s…whatever…catch you later fools…:cool:

damn today was so much fun…I ended up going 3-2

we didn’t finish off the 5on5 cause brampton clinched the win…i think we stopped with about 4-5 games to go…the last score I remember was 13 to 7 I think…good job to everybody playing today…

if u wanna game sometime just contact me…i think we’re just gonna play at jims for the most part…save some coinage :lol:

if NEbody is going to slowhawk for 3s…i’ll try to show up between classes