Hamilton July Thread

Sorry about going 0-5 guys. I thought that I had some closer matches with Jason, Tyrel, and Steve. But I gotta anally raped without KY from Justin and Pete. Those matches were just ugly.

But I must say, I had a blast playing. Win or lose, I was glad that I was part of the team. Hopefully we get a chance for another 5 on 5. It’s some good comp, and it gives you a wicked chance to learn how to play the game at a higher level.

The casuals after was fun. Sorry Jamie, I tried my best to win for ya, but Justin owns me for free. Damn him and his patience. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rey> are we going to the Orbit tourney? and if so, are we renting a car. I don’t got the car at all, my father has a soccer game. Jamie said that he was out, but i’m sure that we could twist his rubber arm. So if we gotta rent a car, we could just split the cost 4 ways. Maybe 5 if Roboto comes out.

Nam is a no go most likely cause he works on teh weekend round 5. Heheh already asked him :slight_smile: if he was going. Hopefully gonna see a lot of hamilton faces there. If i get a car or a ride you’ll see mine there too. I need to check these things out, see what kind of competition there is and hte level pf play i need to expect.

Other than local and the usual :smiley:

yo man…s’all good about the 5on5…it was all in good fun…plus like you said…we learn things from people with higher level of play

yeah about that orbit tourny…not sure about it yet

as for the competition to expect…just picture our local talent…times 10 :eek:


times 100x!! Muahaha!

Umm, yeah, thanks for the good time Hamilton, it was fun playing again. Sorry I played like crap for the most part, (can’t believe I lost to Justin 3 times, ugh . . . [hangs head in shame])

oh, you really need to do something about the ugly chics in Hamilton, I don’t know what, but something!!

Hope to see you guys at shoppers world! and at T5 if I can make it . . .

anyways, take it easy, thanks again



Like the others have said, we got murdered.

It was a nice learning experience for me, though.

Then we gotta train s’more!
Today, you and Mario, my house, ASAP.

Rey, are you talking about this coming week?
I thought you have classes in the Fall?
Just tell me when you’re coming down to the Cove and I’ll see if I can make it.

Yea, my big bro would own me X 1 million if I skip work.

Don’t get too worked up aboot it, man.
A couple of those matches with Justin were very close.
You and Jason are frightening in K.
Damn little K groove bitches and their overpowered raged meter. :smiley:

Two words:

Limeridge Mall.


Pete, you’re a beast brother. I can see why you were the best in Brampton. I totally respect a player like you because your hella smart.

I wish I could do something about the girls here in hamilton, but they’re mfugly. The only girls worth looking at here are the asian girls. They always look good. Then again, I’m the fobhunter.

Cya at shoppers world bro.

Team Revolution Pacific mall trip

hey this is for team Revolution guys (and possibly Team Hammer) i want to plan a day trip out to Pacific mall with you guys to practice up for T5. let me nkow what days you are free and we’ll arrange to go out together… Team Hammer guys are welcome but chances are car seats will be very limited. LET ME KNOW WHAT DAYS ARE GOOD.


im down.


i wonder where everyone went??? i need to know what days are good ike.


ok RXS im down for any day this week, and who is going to T5 like I wanna go. I need to challenge different people in 3s.

Rey> Can you tell me what’s going on for the weekend?

All i wanan do is play some 3s
and most liekly get my ass kciedk but still wanan play it but fuckin hell peopel are being gay and saying i haev to be otherplaces on saturday. ARGHHHH

Mario: I say since we be the only one who coudl possibly make it let figure shite out, i need to talk to my buddies about what going on about a buddy of mine’s B DAY bash. you figure your junk out.

Nam and Mario: nice casuals today. CAMMY’s a BEEEEEAST!!

Vince: Sorry man you didnt join us but there was issues with transportation. That seems to be always the case never all 4 of us at one time. Gotta fix that dont we.

nooo my post is gone.

i cant make it for saturday cuz i got a frree ticket to wonderland. so i guess you guys gotta convince darko in goin.

I usually go on Sundays to Pacific mall. Even on sundays the parking lot is packed. takes like an hour to find a space.

I’m going to Mohawk today since I need to get some shit done there…so I’ll drop by the Cove for some 3S if anyone is there. Was planning on taking a break from games but well, I’ll be there anyways so…what can I say?

Oh and no offense or anything…but if you have trouble fighting against me in 3S, you don’t have a prayer against TOSF…still, you guys should go and see how they play…it’ll do nothing but help your game so long as you learn from your experience…

Ya, If you guys can’t beat me, then you guys don’t have a chance in coming close to TOSF. You guys should really head out there and play them, it’s a great learning experience.

well i have beat Jamie so i know im good for tosf, that is just my opinion but i guess we will see what others that have played me have to say.

oh and jamie great matches today, oh and i also am proud of myself for getting the only perfect today.

I don’t think you guys quite get it. Look at it like this.

Jaime is argueably better than the majority of the Hamilton 3S players.

Jaime and I are pretty much even skill level at 3S though some might say I’m the better player based on the results of the matches we’ve had at WB. :smiley:

TOSF makes me their bitch and I play them semi regularly.

See the problem?

This isn’t a situation of “we’re pretty good and could take these guys if we really wanted.” This is more along the lines of “I’m going to need lube for the raping I’ll take for at least six months.” Do yourselves a favour if you really want to get better at this game then take the time to go down to METRO and ORBIT (make arrangements in the Toronto thread so you know there’s comp) and play… and lose… a lot… but remember to at least think about why you lost. It’ll make all the difference after a while.

Oh yeah and come to UN if you know what’s good for you. It’s free games for five hours and you won’t learn so much for spending so little at one time.


Ike just foudn out i’m free this saturday for pacific. Call me.


Good games today. Nam is on fire with his parrying…good shit, Mr. Roboto, that is like some of the parrying I’ve seen in TO and its cool to face it…