Hamilton June Thread

Hahahaha fuckers, I finally made a thread. :encore:

ECC was a good time. Don’t feel like righting a log so just check the sauga or TO threads for logs. Combofiend is a beast. TFGM is a wierdo, Marvel is even more broken then i thought, and A Yun is a beast. Think im gonna go back to using N groove. K is kinda pointless for me cause i dont JD anyway, and if i go N i can drop kyo for Iori now that i have a roll.

Drop Kyo?

Fuck you.

:lol: Congrats Darko. You kick ass. Just do me a favour and keep ignoring the Hamilton June thread I made please and everything will be OK. :tup: Don’t hurt me…:sad:

On another note, maybe I do lose at life…but not as badly as certain people got hurt real bad by HF Balrog last friday. :tup:

Turn punch through fireball > RSX…punchy punchy.

EDIT: Yo Darko, don’t delete this thread…I’ll delete the one I started.

No why did u delete your thread? now i got to right that shit over again.

If renting a car always pay for the extra no deductable insurance. Got into an accident down in Jersey while trying to RC a lane change. I’m gonna start to bootleg movies and put jiggabry comentary on them. I’ll make millions doing this. TFGM is a wierdo. Combofiend is a beast and A Yun is deadly.

DOH! Oh well, at least you started this months thread and that’s been your mission for the last seven months or so. You should thank me dude…:tup:

I really really want to see more of Combofiend’s A Rock for sure…that sounded way too beastly.

Ya i’ve seen videos of his A rock before. I really didn’t expect his A Yun to be that good tho. He only used it in casuals tho. Combofiends buddy, Evil Elvis, had a really good A sagat. I really need to learn how to fight Chun’s and saks tho. THose 2 characters give me more trouble then anyone else.

who did you play against?>

You really need to know who you’re fighting them with.

Doesn’t matter who i use. Chun always jumps on me for free cause she always manages to stuff my dps, and saks RH and short short short uppercut combo smoke me everytime.

what can i say, the easiest thing to do is to not like them get in range to use those moves. Zone chun so that she can’t cross you up with lk, and walk back and forth pacing with sak, so that st.rh whiffs. Then you can start to punhish whiffs with your own moves. and for cr.lk x3 xx dp…just block, or jd xx throw.

While i was down there tho i did learn that vega is a decent counter to sak. Someone correct me if im wrong. You just have stay out of RH range and use standing fierce to keep her away because it reaches farther then her RH. Someone get some casuals going.

there’s a possibility of casuals on sunday at my house… don’t know yet though… will let you know sooner to the date.

Jaime - thats ok i lose to you regularly anyways, just talk to dogberry, I beat him at HF… now isn’t that REAL shame? lol


Any chance of you making weekly on Friday at Orbit? Imagine its a long shot, but I want to see you and Dogberry go at it offline first round.

EDIT: Assuming of course Kevin makes it. I’m not sure if he’s 100% yet.

negative… g/f has me booked this friday… i would though… hehe me vs Dogberry gets really fun… i scam him so much in lag fighter hahaha… he says my Sim is pretty good though, but i never get to play Offline so i’ll have to train sometime… maybe if i can get a ride out before T6 i’ll come play with you guys.


No offense, but you lose to them cause you suck!!! :clap: And I’m sure that you beat Kevin once in 30, so your percentage is probably something like point retarded percent.

J/K, We all like you anyways. Well maybe???

Lol I’ll put my next 3 pay checks on Kevin if he’s there. There is no way Vince could beat the OG master without lag.

thats ok… i still beat him thats all that matters… i ran him that night for 7 rounds… and 5 the next night :stuck_out_tongue: not that he didnt’ run me too though… haha it’s all good… i beat him with the CURT ONLINE method… LAG THAT SHIT DOWN!


Isn’t taking pride in lag fighter like taking pride in having sex with an ewok???

Ouch :clap:

Vanny your too much.

that or taking pride in having an anus inflection.

Don’t worry Jamie, I think you’re still cool :tup:

:confused: You’re fucked in the head man. :confused:

Jamie; are you going to ORBIT weekly tomorrow?