Hamilton June Thread

Sup Bitches!!!

Fuck everyone going to Formac.

Fuck poker haters.

:rolleyes: Fuck doing my ECCXI log now that it’s a new month. :rolleyes:

Hmm… I broke the 5000 post mark this morning.

I’ll agree, fuck poker haters.

But the 5000 posts??? i don’t know if i’d be proud of something like that.

I don’t hate poker i just can’t play that much poker. Lets all go to Hess and look at pussy. Maybe if we’re lucky we might actually be able to touch one to.

:sad: I enjoyed your log. Oh well I guess it’s up to you. Now, a couple of quick questons.

In terms of any of the major three games that we play, did you see anything new that absolutely took your by surprise?

I just saw Brian’s match on zachd.com and I must say it was a nice come back :tup:

sentinel reset of god

Curt, next time we have a poker game at your house, let’s play OMAHA. No joke. Make it like $5 or something, game is so much funner than holdem.

Marvel had a lot of new stuff in it mainly coming from Sanford Kelly and Michael Yipes with Sentinel and Magneto respectively.

The rest of the games didn’t showcase anything out of the ordinary. VDO’s P Groove took a very aggressive approach, which you don’t see too often in CvS2. KOFiend’s Yang showcased a lot of interesting stuff but I don’t play much 3S so I doubt a regular playing found anything mind blowing.

Teddy; yeah I’d be down with Omaha.

Formac tomorrow if anyone is interested.

Ohama for 5 I can do. I have no clue how to play the game. But I’d be down for it.

And I’m not going to work today. So I’m in for the Formac. But I don’t know if i’m up for anything after. The whole hess thing sounds too good. And much like darko, I’d like to see some pussy.

I’ll be in for Omaha.

Obviously you would be.

But seriously, is anything going on tonight other than the Formac?

I’m probably gonna be at Elixir after 12:00

I won’t be able to get in there… I’ll be wearing a hat. So I’m out.

I don’t know what hurts more, having AA cracked by K3(and the K had nothing to do with it) or getting hit by a CE character in Alpha Anthology. :wasted: :sad:

ggs tonight

I will rape the Hammer in AA

Asian Avenue

CE Vega > *

Half screen throw FTW

Full screen raging demon > the game.

OMG block stun Shin Akuma Raging Demon = The Broken.


EDIT: I’m looking to host a $20 Sit N Go at my place at 10:00pm sharp. So far Vanny & Greg in. I’d like to have at least two more and as usual we have room for eight but no more than that.

I’ll be able to make it