Hamilton March 2006 Thread

poor poor vince, he’s already been brainwashed by the girl…he’s more whipped than jamie :stuck_out_tongue:

but this does give a good explaination of why Vince sucks in CvS2 :rofl:

Yeah, the only people i play in third strike is a guy i met through Justin named Steve Lawson or Parerick. Aside from thats its watchin that Aruka player’s videos and playing at shoppers world or York University.

no i just dont’ play CVS2


I’m not whipped anymore…

Well, okay…actually, even though I broke up with my last girlfriend, I can’t seem to escape it. I seem to always get whipped somehow…like by my bro John’s gf. I mean John is really whipped now but somehow I always seem to get the aftershocks from that whipping whenever I hang around with them. Like that last time with Kenny at Starbucks. :sad: John gets into trouble and for some reason she hits me too just because we have the same last name or something. What’s up with that? Get some control over your girl, man! Just getting mad about that “financial plan fo you” crack…yeesh. Being whipped must be my destiny or something but this is ridiculous. Whipped by association?

Actually am sorta seeing someone right now but it was only one date…so that doesn’t count as being whipped yet, right? Right? :confused: :confused:

We all gotta do Sushi Star again sometime.

Ha, no wonder Steve likes Tekken, his full name practically sounds like a Tekken character. STEVE LAWSON…FIGHT!

if everything goes well with this one, you’re going to get two times the whipping. :rofl:

Sushi Star sounds good.

Or not. Not gonna happen there. Long story I’m not going to get into. Gonna just be one of those affairs I look back on in a few years and laugh at. Doh.

On the funny side, though, I was walking down the street today and noticed a pain in my shoulder like someone had punched me…then started to wonder what you did to piss off your girl today…:lol:

Anyways, yeah, Sushi Star would be really cool except I have no idea when I’m gonna be free anymore. My weekend to work night shift. Really not digging this schedule anymore.

St. Patrick is the patron sait of “Getting fucked up”.

Happy St. Patty’s day

Actually, I’d be good for Sushi Star this weekend come to think of it so long as its early enough if people want to. That and assuming I actually wake up.

This one is going to be long so make sure you’re comfortable and possibly have a drink…


Highlight Of The Day: The Sunfire Massacre

Low Point Of The Day: Getting lost… again… and again… and again…

Line Of The Day: “You need to learn about patience.” “No… everyone else needs to hurry up” (profound words from Jiggabry)

This day got off to a brutal start. I’m used to going to bed around 3am - 4am because I work at 2pm and have no real reason to turn in early. Well because I’m what is called a FUCKING IDIOT, I didn’t anticipate that I would have to go to bed early in the preceeding days before leaving for Montreal in order to actually fall asleep on the thursday night. Knowing I had to be up around 7am, I went to bed at midnight. Or I tried to at least. I didn’t even manage to reach the divine stage of tossing and turning until after 2 and then I said “fuck it” and watched Smallville reruns and other random bullshit. So 4:30am rolls around and I finally settle into bed. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! 7am and I’m right fucked up. So I place the call to Enterprise for a pick up. I go in to sign my papers and then they ask me for a credit card.

“Uh… can’t I just pay in cash?”

“Why yes, we just need your license.”

“Here you go.”

“Oh… this is for a residence in Brampton” (I haven’t updated my license since moving)"


“We can’t take a cash advance from anyone outside of Hamilton.”


So now I have to go back to the apartment and get one of my VISA’s. I don’t carry credit cards. More often than not they get me into trouble. But whatever, so I grab my credit card, head back and despite my best efforts, lose about 45 minutes already.

The van was a lot easier to drive than I thought so that was a load off my back. I reach Skybox about 10 minutes late and the first words out of Bryan’s mouth are “you’re late.” Thanks… anyway, Sauga Crew is on time. A trend is instantly started as Bryan, Matt and Poeta start talking about DOTA. Jesus Christ can these guys talk about DOTA. BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH! I haven’t got a clue what they’re yapping about. We get to Yorkdale and of course Gerjay is late. Just once in his life I’d like Gerjay to be on time. I nearly smack the van into another car while attempting to park (so much for instant van skills) and we wait around for like 20 minutes until Gerjay shows up. Apparently he was working on some math puzzle and lost track of time. THANKS A LOT!


The little gas indicator says we’re almost on empty so I get off at the next exit. It turns out to be the best choice possible. We all settle on getting Wendy’s for lunch and walk into something unbelieveable. It has been declared ULTRA WENDY’S! (Personally I prefer OMNI WENDY’S but Bryan’s ULTRA went over with the guys better). Why is this place held in such high regard? THERE’S 15 PEOPLE BEHIND THE COUNTER! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! You place and order and honest to God it is prepared in like 2 minutes as this collective mind works in perfect harmony. Where the fuck are all these people at every other Wendy’s? Oh my God and the food was INSAAAAAANE! It’s like some super being graced this Wendy’s with the best burgers and chicken in the world and it was served to us at that very moment. When we were leaving, I went for my digital camera to get a shot of this insane staff but the lunch rush began and I couldn’t get a clear shot despite the employees moving the line up at a ridiculous rate. OUR TABLE IS ALREADY BUSSED! IT’S ONLY BEEN 45 SECONDS!

That motherfucker took forever to get gas. It’s a good thing he spent $91 to fill his truck. He deserves it.

On a side note, it turns out that we were in Napanee. Or as the nice lady was happy to point out “The home of Avril Lavigne. Napanee Ontario.” That is just so sad it makes me cry.

So we head back out on the road and it’s a pretty boring stretch for a bit. Bry, Chris, Matt and Gerjay continue to talk about DOTA and I attempt to figure out ways of killing myself. While all this is going on, we’re passed by a Chrome Sunfire. Now I’m cruising at 140kph and this guy blows right by me so he’s clocking at least 160kph so such a fast overtake. Well we keep driving and there’s a copy pulling out of one of those “Can’t make a U turn depite it beig a perfect spot for a U Turn” areas. Who is he chasing? The Sunfire of course. Now people are probably thinking “who gives a fuck?” Well it gets better. We keep driving along at a solid clip when who do I see blow past me? THE FUCKING SUNFIRE! WHAT THE FUCK?! Now let’s put this into perspective. The guy lost at least 15 minutes talking with the cop about his ticket and that’s under ideal conditions. For him to make up 15 minutes on me (who’s the pace car at this point, not a good plan but whatever) he’s got to be doing at least 160kph if not more. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but after each of my speeding tickets, I sure as hell didn’t bust loose with the speeding. But anyway, he blows by and we all talk shit about how insane this guy must be. Well 20 minutes later we see another cop has pulled someone over and who is it? THE FUCKING SUNFIRE! OWNED FOR FREE! The whole van lets out a “YEAAAAAAAH!” and we talk mad shit about it. Basically that guy’s driving days are over with two tickets of at least 50kph over the speed limit in the span of an hour. BITCH!

The conversation went a little weird as I think Bryan started talking about a shirt that makes the person seem invisible. Poeta jumps in with this fucked up idea that the US Goverment has a military base completely covered in this cloaking paper. The theory is that the base is a jump off point for the US to steal our lumber. I was like “what… the… fuck” but it’s pretty funny nevertheless, especially considering how much it would cost to build this invisible base compared to the money they’d make off the lumber. It should also be noted that this base was pointed out by Poeta as being in the middle of a field surround by trees.

Anyway… we reach the Montreal border and in a wacky moment, about 500 birds fly overhead and freak everyone out. Personally I thought we were going to get divebombed because they were flying pretty low and the sheer number was just scary. But whatever… the birds thing had to be mentioned.

OK I’m way too tired… I’ll continue this tomorrow.

Move Your Shit Bitch

How did everyone do at MAT?

I think its pretty offical right now that I won’t be able to make it to ECC. I have to many things on the go right now, might have bit off a little more then I can chew in the way of work. Maybe you can be me in a tentative spot if you guys rent a van, but don’t let anyone miss out on ECC just to hold a spot for me.

read the tourny results for…results. Quick wrap up. Justin got owned for free, Jiggabry and Gerjay (except for getting owned in cvs2) did well as expected, JS and Roger did well as expected.

OK, the East Coast Championships are in a little over two months. I plan on training for this tournament as much as possible.

Rey; I’d really like to sit down and work on CvS2 with you as much as possible.

Simply put, if anyone here is interested in really taking their game up a notch, this is a good time to do it.

I’ll be holding casual at my place tomorrow from noon - whenever. If people want to come, make your way here and be prepared to play a lot of CvS2.

entertaining log as usual

cvs2 training…why not…I should be all good for tomorrow

I’m good to play as of noon. If you’re up for a marathon session then come on by.

damn all you people, i want to see some cvs2 action. ah well, i guess i’ll get some practice on sat.

Practice on Sat? Where at?

york tourny.


GG’s to Rey and Vince today.

Rey owns me and Vince in CvS2

I own Rey and Vince in MvC2

PS2 MOTW is fucked up.

My CvS2 disc died today.

Another casual session on Sunday for anyone interested.

Why didn’t you bastardos call me for casuals.