Hamilton May 2006 Thread

ECCXI in 26 days

Popeye’s owns Jimmy’s soul

Vanny and I are now 2 - 2 Heads Up

I look forward to the next match up. On a side note, I heard that Sunday Formac wasn’t too good. Maybe it was a good thing that you slept in.

Today was another stupid day at work. But clearly the highlight was talking to Darko. Then looking down and going “Dood, where the fuck are your shoes?” “I’ve been in my socks all day, gone outside, walked all around the plant”

20 minutes later, Darko comes by with shoes on and goes “fuck, i fucking stubbed my toe. Jeeeeesus fuck it hurts, Where’s Bob???”

I broke half my toe nail off. You think i can get comp for it?

Sadly, I’m going to have to say no. But I think that you should try anyways. Just explain the Darko Effect to Tamara and I think that she could hook you up.

Rey/Jimmy go get you bacon mushroom melts.

Melted cheese and mushrooms = The Lose. :tdown:

Casual/poker at my place on Friday from 10:30pm - whenever.

I’ll be there. Hopefully there is a turn out this time.


justin>>friday should be all good, i’ll find out by then

in other news…found it weird that jim got a phone call from somebody to find out where popeyes is

and he won’t take a $50 bet to not eat anything from popeyes for 3 weeks straight

I ordered Popeye’s last weekend and to disappoint Jimmy, I ordered a fish sandwich instead of chicken.

I’m good for Friday night.

I think we’re planning on hitting up Popeye’s this friday. I’m good for Friday as well.

Can you guys get me some popeyes too? I’ll eat it after work. I just hope that curt has a microwave.

Tell me what you want Vanny and I’ll pick it up.

I’m guessing this Friday night trip to Popeye’s is Jimmy’s suggestion?

Pick up Popeye’s for me as well. 4 pieces with mashed potatoes. Tell them you want 1 breast, 2 wings and a thigh and they’ll do it. Spicy chicken. I’m very serious BTW, DON’T FUCK AROUND! I’ll give someone $10 back, which is more than the cost.

Vanny; yes I have a microwave.

EDIT: Oh shit I just remembered I only work until 7:30pm tomorrow. So everyone can come over as of 8:00pm instead of 10:30pm.

heh ya, what time are you free tomorrow jamie? i can pick you up and we’ll head over to popeyes.

I’d like 4 pieces with fries and gravy. I NEED the gravy. I don’t need a drink, just grab me a Blue Jolt instead. I’ll pay whoever gets me this. I might even sandbag a poker game just to make you feel better too.

Curt> Do you have a little toaster oven? I would prefer that over the microwave to tell you the truth…


I think jim wants to kill a family pack of popeyes today…so JAMIE, do not punch him in the stomach again…especially since we’ll be at the hammer house

my brother: "jim, do you love your popeyes more than your brother?"
jim: “yes, I love popeyes more”

Stop calling it the hammer house.

So we hitting the hammer house tonight.

Rey that av is amazing.