Due to the excellent respine to WB thread, i wanna know if any of you guys wanna help in setting up an open tourny in Hamilton, console would be a good choice, cause i dont think theyd liek us reseting the machines over and over again as well as monopolizing it and all. By flook chance we have aroom booked on friday nights (which may be bad for some people) at Mohawk so that woudl be good for holdign the tournys, anyways send feedback in this thread


Im down for a tourny, i can provide a console and im sure RXS would be happy to bring his, the more the better i think!


This is Justin posting from Jason’s computer. Anyway, if you guys can lock up a date then I’ll make it for sure and bring Team Brampton with me if at all possible. If it’s this Friday you should let me know ASAP so I can make arrangements to play (in case I have to work late, I can’t recall if I am).


Hey justin, me and crazy_sagat will try and get things arranged for this friday and let you know as soon as possible most likely tomorrow if not tonight.


we will have 3s and Cvs2 as the TOURNIE games but feel free to bring consoles because we can get around 3 to 4 TVs if we can arranegd early enoguh and by that i mean liek 2 dyas in advance. It probabyl wont be this friday but defenaitly soon if we get a good response. We have ther games like CVS some KOF’s and MVC2.

Email me with anything you want to kow or say also talk to DarkHadou since the room is booked in his name.


OH IF any of you hamilton player like Guile as much as i do POST IT UP AND ANYTHIGN you have to bring with him i will do the same. Hehehe especially if you got some nice ideas for some run traps.


Sup hamilton players?

If you guys are having a tourny can you give some details? Like how many ppl are you guys having? I’m from Mississauga and we’re always up for meeting other players.

Oh I play Guile too. Not as much as I used to but I play him still.


If you can arrange it for this Friday late (say 10:00pm) I’d definitely come up. If you can’t do it that late I may be able to drop my shift at work (it’s only four hours) but I’d prefer to do the late CT rather than drop work.


right on, well we have to accomadate to all people we can. Like one of our definate mebers cant make it on fridays, so we have to accomodate for him as well.



push the date back… to early for that kind of planning… and yes MOHAWK IS A SHITTY PLACE FOR THIS…#1 they dont’ like anyone thats not a mohawk student… #2 we all know how gay MSA is…#3 who really wants to be in some educational institution at like… 10 at night… lol…but yeah… i’m down…



Ok well we have decided to not have the tournie this friday, but we will leave next friday as an open option so everyone let us know if its good or not oh and by the way we have the room from 4pm - 8pm every friday. Again if this cant work for poeple we can then try the whole playing at someones house Maybe RXS will offer to have it at his place since he has in the past and he has a big screen so it all depends on everyones availability.



my house is an option… everyone pitch in some cash for good eats and stuff… and yes i do have a big screen TV that we could use… my living room is big enough for quite a few people…



Yeah, I wouldn’t rush into this thing. Make sure you’re going to plan this out to accomadate people(which admittedly is the hard part) so that people aren’t coming from Brampton or Mississauga to find out that only a couple of Hamilton players can make it.

I also second the suggestion it be held somewhere other than Mohawk…I wouldn’t say it couldn’t work at Mohawk, just I think it would be better to hold it somewhere a bit more comfortable. I’m sure if we get a place okay enough, we could set up a couple of TVs for non tourney games and whatever…

I suck too by the way because Fridays are like the worst day for me to attend any of these things…


Well Ill talk to RXS today and see if he wants to get it done for next satursday cause unless no one wants to wait that long and have it this saturday.


This Saturday sounds good if we get some feedback on the other teams