Hamilton/Niagara Thread 2011

Happy New Year!

Kyle/Josh if Brantford missing from the thread title offends you, let me know and I’ll change it.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Years! TIME TO LEVEL UP!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now Bring On Marvel 3 Already!


Don’t worry about it Brantford never really deserved a spot in title anyway.

Otherwise you might as well call it Brantford/Hamilton/Paris/Niagra/every other small town in between thread.

Add Dunnville IMO.

So there was some talk about running some casuals tomorrow, but me and Vince were talking while we were taking down the stream gear and decided that taking a break for a day or two’s a good idea. Maybe casuals here around Wednesday for one last level up session before MTL?

Fixed That For You.:wgrin:

Lol, funny cause it’s true. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get hype for Nemesis! I’m going to get sleepy for the next 2 days and do nothing! YAY!

Sounds like a good plan lol, that was an awesome marathon you guys ran!

Just as a resolution for all of us, we need to level up our shit this year. No more 0-2 for me!

Happy New Year everyone. Lets get some football talk in here. Vanny, I’m joining you on the chiefs banwagon this playoff. The niners are an utter disappointment this year. Hopefully there is a strike cause they need 2 full years off. Luckily Alex Smiths contract is up this year. What are the chances that Cam Newton drops past Arizona?

Now it feels like a Hamilton thread. Just wouldn’t be the same without football talk.

PS Eagles are going to win the SB and Vick will be SBMVP.

I think you guys should just start a football thread. Just saying.

I think you should start a street fighter thread.

I like the Seahawks. Cinderella story ftw.

Really good stream, great way to start off the new year. Just checked the ghsf site, 107% brought in :smiley:

So who’s going to EVO 2011?

Is Ksharpie’s nipple dance going to make an appearance?

No vegas for me. I’m going to be in Europe during EVO.