Hamilton November Thread

Steel City, bitches.

If anyone knows the answer to how Vince can get 2nd in a Hamilton 3S tourney, please let me know. (actually, I already know the answer…but i’m not telling)

Because no one else entered =). Jamie your a bastard. Don’t make november threads in october you jerk.

jamie is a jackass.

Konichiwa Bitches!!!

I would like to see the Game results from the Lan Party.

Was there actual people at the Lan? Cause if the results were 1. Me, 2. Myself, 3. I. I won’t be very impressed.

Everyone go out an buy City of villains

yo, do i need to buy the game to play the 15 free days trial or can i download the game from somewhere?

ill send you the updater

ran away and charged bar to victory… then lost to Nam.


super turtle… and i play like an idiot… vinces predictability + Barts poor timing = 2nd place for the run away king…

so … when are the next casual nights??

anybody interested in buying a ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mb AGP videocard?

next friday and saturday i’m completely open for casuals… g/f is going to cleveland for the weekend… whos free?? Nam? Darko? John?? Bart?? Vanny? Jaime?? Anyone?


P.S. John you have to teach me to JD like a bitch… (liek you do)

Reading just this part of it would make me believe Vanny won 2nd. Go Fobstar.

Might be able to make it for a Friday casual. Emphasis on might though.

-go nam for 1st in 3s:karate:
-what were the full results for all tournys at the LAN?
-who won the LAN party dressup contest?
-friday casual…what jamie said
-T6 vids are being ripped soon…CFJ finals bitches…if people want to actually see them:tup:

It’s Darko Effect Day! Happy Birthday dude.

yeah ih ad pixels of life left… till he could beat me one match LOL… i ran the kid… plain simple… i didn’t even pull out Urien on him… lol… oh wells… he’s still pretty good though… i wanted that damn denjin so bad LOL…


you can’t be serious with this being the highlight of the night :wow:

who were you supposed to play in marvel?

:party: :party: Happy Bday Darko. :party: :party:
I tried downloading the game but then i ran out of hdd space. I gotta clean up some shit. Did you already buy the game or you’re playing the 15 days free trial thing too?

Thanks guys.

I’m in for gaming Friday and saturday.

I bought the game. I got the free trial with the game. I can’t use it cause i have to make a new account, its meant to be a promo for them. I think the game is 2.4 gigs, might be 4.