Hamilton November Thread


Steel City, bitches.

If anyone knows the answer to how Vince can get 2nd in a Hamilton 3S tourney, please let me know. (actually, I already know the answer…but i’m not telling)


Because no one else entered =). Jamie your a bastard. Don’t make november threads in october you jerk.


jamie is a jackass.


Konichiwa Bitches!!!


I would like to see the Game results from the Lan Party.


Was there actual people at the Lan? Cause if the results were 1. Me, 2. Myself, 3. I. I won’t be very impressed.


Everyone go out an buy City of villains


yo, do i need to buy the game to play the 15 free days trial or can i download the game from somewhere?


ill send you the updater


ran away and charged bar to victory… then lost to Nam.



super turtle… and i play like an idiot… vinces predictability + Barts poor timing = 2nd place for the run away king…

so … when are the next casual nights??


anybody interested in buying a ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mb AGP videocard?


next friday and saturday i’m completely open for casuals… g/f is going to cleveland for the weekend… whos free?? Nam? Darko? John?? Bart?? Vanny? Jaime?? Anyone?


P.S. John you have to teach me to JD like a bitch… (liek you do)


Reading just this part of it would make me believe Vanny won 2nd. Go Fobstar.

Might be able to make it for a Friday casual. Emphasis on might though.


-go nam for 1st in 3s:karate:
-what were the full results for all tournys at the LAN?
-who won the LAN party dressup contest?
-friday casual…what jamie said
-T6 vids are being ripped soon…CFJ finals bitches…if people want to actually see them:tup:


It’s Darko Effect Day! Happy Birthday dude.


Yeah, the LAN wasn’t that good due to the lack of people. It’s also no fun when the guy that is supposed to face you in the MvsC2 finals simply forfeits because he knows that he will get his ass handed to him.

The higlight of the night would have to be Vince beating my friend at 3rd Strike with only pixels of life left. Other than that, the LAN was mediocre at best.


yeah ih ad pixels of life left… till he could beat me one match LOL… i ran the kid… plain simple… i didn’t even pull out Urien on him… lol… oh wells… he’s still pretty good though… i wanted that damn denjin so bad LOL…



you can’t be serious with this being the highlight of the night :wow:

who were you supposed to play in marvel?


:party: :party: Happy Bday Darko. :party: :party:
I tried downloading the game but then i ran out of hdd space. I gotta clean up some shit. Did you already buy the game or you’re playing the 15 days free trial thing too?