Hamilton October Thread!

Jamie likes the cock!!

JAMIE>> SHUT UP!! :clap:

As stated from the last thread…


vanny’s predictions were pretty much correct

new guy won marvel…not saying much since hamilton doesn’t play


3s was uh…well …3s
3rd-probably darko…but he lies

cvs2 took too long as always…and we didn’t finish the finals
top 3 left…
and yes…keiyu wins since his joe lvl 3 hurricane beat out geif’s FAB



  1. Javid
  2. Vanny
  3. Rey
  4. Jimmy
  5. Darko
  6. Ryan
  7. John
  8. Vince
  9. Jaime
  10. Keiyu
  11. Nam
  12. David


didnt’ finish but here it is

1-3. between Rey, Jimmy and Jaime
4. Nam
5. Vanny
5. John
7. Keiyu
7. Darko
7. Ryan
7. Vince
11. David
11. Javid



Vanny’s psychic with those predictions.
Too bad he didn’t put those abilities toward gaming, haw, haw, haw.

I had Rey in 3S damnit, but then I went stupid and thought we had another set…
Anyhow, Rey’s still schooling people w/o playing SF at all.

Good shit to you, Javid, on MvC2.
Someone from Hamilton that can actually play MvC2?

Surprisingly good turnout for this LAN party, I’m hoping this shit continues to grow or whatever…

What time are we all meeting up at Rey’s tomorrow?

:confused: WTF is Javid? :confused:

HTF did you not finish cvs2 with 11 players?

Started too late and too many conflicts with MvC2(i.e. had to wait for Rey to finish before me and him could do Winners Final and had to wait for Vanny to finish Grand Finals before we could continue losers in CvS2). We waited too long to start doing CvS2 on two TVs too I guess.

I was up 1-0 on Jimmy when it finished so I guess it would have likely ended up being Rey first, me second and Jimmy third. That’s cause Jimmy sucks donkey dick. :tup:

Rey quadriple perfected me in 3s with oro.


And who the fuck was that random kid that showed up to BK.

Don’t ask, neither me and rey haven’t touched marvel since the last time you were at the lan. But he did beat us. Nuff said.

Darko and Nam,

Go to this link and grab coupons for yourself for cedar point. Get all 3.



I printed out 3 of each, 'cause I’m greedy like that.

Does it have to be high quality prints, or just enough for readability?
'Cause I’m cheap like that.

Anywho, let me know if anyone’s having gaming sessions this week.

Btw, Mac has some of the best looking chicks I’ve ever seen, be it Asians, Caucasians, or whatever…that place is heaven on earth.
I like. I LIKE!

Yo John I can’t go. I’m to fucking broke.

k, np.

How did you cross the border last time? with birth certificate and another piece of id or using a passport?

You can get by with birthcertificate+ another ID or passport, I didn’t have passport so i used birthcertificate. You should get you passport done because next year you will need it.

dont think they need to be high quality.
If you want, just send me the pics to my email and i can print them out at work.


That’s okay. The coupons I have are visible and clear. Should be good enough.

Darko, stop supporting the prostitution industry.
20 bucks for a blow job might sound good and all, but then you’re gonna want more out of 'em cheap whores and it’s all gonna add up in the end.

Enlightenment of the day: Say NO to 'em ho’s!

Easy girls are cheaper than prostitutes. Just don’t say “Fuck you too, bitch” to them and you should be alright.


I do not understand the concept of these “easy girls”.
I’m talking decent looking ones, I think we overestimate their willingness for us to get in their pants.
Or are some girls that shallow? Doing it with anything that moves as long as their outcum is satisfactory?
I dunno. I don’t get out enough to know anything aboot these types of girls, but if it’s really as easy as you guys claim, then wow…me am speechless.

I may actually go to Orbit Saturday for the CvS2 tourney. Anyone else interested?

If not, any Team Hammer people interested in a training session sometime before Sat? There’s this one thing I really want to work on and could use the help.

EDIT: Oh and Nam, the easy girls thing was just a joke(bad one too but that’s what people come to expect from me :confused:) Don’t take it too seriously. Easy girls will just give you herpes or worse anyways.