Hamilton September Thread

robbed bitches

Confirmed Events for this month


Where: E129 at Mohawk College
When: Friday, September 30th, 2005 at 6:00pm
What: Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Capcom Vs SNK 2 Tourneys
Things to note: Anyone with equipment that they can bring (ie. sticks, systems) please contact me… I would like to get three machines going… two for tournament, and one for casual play.


Jason and I didn’t think this thread was worth hijacking.


go back to Brampton Curt…


WTF is hamilton??

So much for SF4 rumours…blah.

Anyways, things are looking up for me for the 8th. Had a cancellation and will try to book my evening client off so I’ll work the morning and meet up after according to the plan. My morning client is at Driftwood and Finch so assuming I don’t get shot, I shouldn’t have much problem getting over to York.

We actually tend to look on the bright side of things. At least we’re not from London. :party:

The more I read you describe your job, the more I think you’re a part time man whore.

There’s some kind of stigma to being a part time man whore? :xeye:

Casuals my house tomorrow anyone??


vince… my update for you

NO … girlfriends birthday… you plan this shit around me man i swear…

and this friday i dont think i can make it down on time and back before
7 …so i guess thats a no too…

sorry man :lame:

Added for a test run… during this months LAN party… TEKKEN 5 tourney


Is anyone allowed to come to this LAN party? Or do you have to go to Mohawk to do so?

umm never had a problem with outsiders before… should be ok. just be there before 6… or get someone who’s already inside to open the doors for you




k, guys. I got Thursday afternoon/night off completely now. So I’m good for York/football/whatever.

Fuck, haven’t seen you guys since like T6 I think. Geez, August was brutal.

jamie>>nice, good to hear that you’re not man-whoring that night…hopefully you’re still not sick when you show up this thursday…did the gonorrhea clear up yet?

Did you take Jimmy’s advice on the cock soup Jamie?
Feel better bro. :tup:

yes the cock soup is good, in fact I just like the COCK :tup:

quote jamie “yes, I can handle the chicken”

You gotta show that damn chicken who’s boss!

Darko post your number, I’ll call you after I get Rey and Jimmy.