Hamilton September Thread

Fuck Evertz!!!


A reminder that I’m hosting casual/poker on Sunday afternoon.

  • CvS2 & Slash
  • $10 PLO SnG
  • $20 NLHE SnG

Snacks & drinks provided. Real food TBD later that evening.

How late is the Sunday thing going? I’m working and won’t be able to make it until about midnight.

Going to Mountain Bowl tonight so I can work into top 20 then lose KK to KJ again hopefully! :nunchuck: Anybody going? Anything happening after?

Im in the process of purchasing a grill.

Festivities on Sunday will not be running too late because I work at 9:00am on the holiday Monday (3x pay FTW). It’s the main reason why I elected to start things in the afternoon rather than my usual 10:00pm start time.

No Mountain Bowl for me. I work 9:00am tomorrow too (OT FTW). I am hitting up Mountain Bowl on the holiday monday (assuming they’re open) if anyone is interested in attending.

are the moves and timing from slash the same as reloaded?

Primarily. Every character got an extra move or two and they tweaked priorities and how much damage they do.

GG’s to everyone last night.

Is anyone interested in going to Mountain Bowl tonight?

Darko; your vodka will stay in my freezer until you come pick it up. No worries, I won’t be drinking it.

…ya dumbfuck.

Stop jumping ya dumb fuck!

No worries. I’ll put a dent into it next time i’m there for a visit.

Mountain Bowl tomorrow (Wednesday). Who’s in?

Vanny; do you want to hit up the cash game at Formac on Thursday after the football game?

Go Steelers.

I’m working days tomorrow on a shift switch so I’ll be at Mountain Bowl tomorrow. Hopefully I play as well as I did tonight and not horrendously bad like I did on Friday.

Vanny we still going to York tomorrow?

This is Vanny.

Yes, I think that we are leaving Hamilton for 12pm. AKA lunch time.

Who’s driving?

Justin, if ur seirous about picking me up, tell me what time to be ready at, I’m going to bed now.

How was York you jerks

Oh well i had a blast at Brock.

Next time try to call in the morning instead of 20 minutes after the time we said we’d be at York by.