Hamilton September Thread

Sup Fuckbags. Post here this month.

Yo Rey, no big deal about Monday…I couldn’t wait any longer and had to get going…

Anyways, gonna be busy next while…take it easy peoples…


casuals on saturday? let me know if anyone here is down…


according to Vanny’s MSN list we’re all street fighter fuckbags. Fuck you too.

What time does EG close on sat?

Would you guys rather me lump you in with the “Fucktards I Know” category?

EG closes at 5:30pm. If you’re gonna be there, I’ll come out and play. If not, I’ll just play some CNC: Generals online.

So uhm…if I were be at EG on Friday afternoon, who would show up? :slight_smile:

I’ll play CvS2 and 3S since I hear there’s no marvel comp =/

eg usually has a few people show up on saturday. I cant make it this weekend tho cause im probably gonna be gone. And there is no 3s machine in eg.

who wants to make me an avatar.

jamie>>it’s all good, i didn’t end up going to jims since he wasn’t home til later

vince>>can’t make casual…sorry d00d

teddy>>3s is only at mohawk…EG has cvs2/mvc2/TTT/SvC/SC2

vanny>>you can be under the “mr. fuck you man” category…

3s at mohawk is still shitty…the one side has a MP that works 10% of the time…and it being 1$ to play is still stupid…not sure if simon or anybody on Estarburst will do anything about it cause mohawk cove is shit with old games no other coves want


i’ll get colleen to open up the machine for us and i’ll throw one of my switches in there so it’ll be fixed for the time being.


i hope u can fix it…cause i don’t want people to bitch about losing cause of the controllers not working :devil:

Man, the lack of a mp button really limits your mix up/high and low options…aboot time someone’s doing something about that 3s machine.

And good games to Rey and Jamie on Monday at Mohawk.
(despite the fact that I played on the “crappy” side the entire time! What the hey? You damn hoggers! :wink: )
I rarely play 3rd Strike but I find myself improving at a pretty quick rate the more I play it.

Oh yea, we could’ve play another game, Rey…I wen’t back to the Cove to get my pop and noticed that there was another credit in there…

Vince, my boy, I won’t make it to casual on Saturday…
But I’ll go to EG only if someone’ll be there…
Since I have to pick up my copy of SFA Collection, anyway…

nam>>yeah that sucked and I can’t use my main characters on that side since I need that MP 100% of the time…so when i’m on that side I gotta use ghetto-chun…at least MK wasn’t broken or else nobody would be able to use shoto’s or chun…can’t think of anybody else who needs that MK xx super

who broke MvC2???


at cove… i think someone fixed the 3S machine… or did something to it… the buttons changed???


Funniest thing I heard in TO so far from a student at George Brown…

“Hamilton, they only have two high schools don’t they?”

Geez…well, she was from B.C. and not TO but still…

Might be back in Hamilton again next Friday to get some tests from Doctor for school…so I might be here Sept. 11 for whatever showdown is going to happen at EG. Don’t quote me on that though.


Rey whats your schedule liek at Slohawk?? got any time for matches at the cove? come down if your around on tuesday for some casual. me and mario will be there


Well I’m only going if Justin is going… But if you’re gonna be there, post up… I’ll make a special guest appearance.



i’ll be down at EG today and next saturday. Come i need to learn!

RXS :karate:

Good Games to Nam and Aaron today. I’ll be at EG next saturday to hang out with Justin if he bothers showing up. And hopefully Jamie shows up too…

Anyways, I’m out. Snooker awaits.

Just as reminder that I’ll be at Eastgate on Saturday around 1:00pm - 5:30pm for casual or possibly a small tourney/round robin if there are enough people. I’ve got a housewarming that evening right up the street and figured kill two birds with one stone.