Hamilton Summer 2005


I haven’t been on for awhile…and noticed that nobody posts anymore so screw you guys and the monthly threads…I got the next 2 months covered :tup:

2 weeks til T6


WTF? Why don’t you guys hit up GTASF anymore? I NEED THE NUMBERS TO INFLATE MY EGO GOD DAMNIT!

I believe that I’m there pretty often. It’s just that when I’m there, it’s like 2 or 3am and no one is around.


i talked with john/vince about T6 hotels…we’re going to need confirmation if you can stay friday/saturday night

jamie>>are we doing 3s again like at york?

I don’t understand why you guys are staying at hotels?

I think im just gonna drive home after.

Might be in for the hotel tho.

well what i’v eheard is, hanging out with Empire after… thast why everyone is staying… to hit TO clubs after the tourney is done for the day. which would be a highly logical reason to stay in TO.


Hey guys, I have some bad news for my fans out there. I’m not gonna be able to make day 2 of T6. I’m in for the Friday, but on the Saturday, I’m out. My girlfriend is going back to Korea for 2 weeks because her grandmother is sick. She’s leaving Sunday afternoon so I either gotta spend Friday or Saturday with her. I’m choosing the Saturday to spend with her because I promised Rey and Jim that I’d go up with them and work with them through the team matches. Plus, I can give them a ride up, which will save them on travel costs.

So if you guys are booking for the hotel/motels, you’re gonna have to count me out. I’m really sorry, but I had no idea this was coming until Sunday night after we got back from the movies.

T6 Weekend.

" Havnt been here for a long while. Neways, about t6 weekend. I have some good news and some bad. Good news is that i booked that weekend off. Friday saturday and sunday. Bad news is that i have to be home b4 5:00 Pm on the sunday because i have a stupid work meeting thingy for BELL. EWWWW :tdown:

But at least im definatly in for some of it :tup:

So, what exactly is going on? "

sorry to hear about your g/f’s grandma Vanny, hope things work out for you guys.

WEll that changes some arrangements for the weekend, since Vanny is driving on his own, we still ahve to have 2 cars for the weekend because Johns car can only take 4 people and we have 5 right now. So darko you still have to drive i guess. As for hotel arrrangements they will be finalized tonight, since there is only 5-6 of us going (including Jaime if he’s comign in the hotel) the cost will be about 20 dollars a night each person, so 40 for the weekend which is peanuts. Anyone who is staying at the hotel PLEASE email me rx_s1@hotmail.com ASAP, me and john are trying to finalize and book a hotel room as soon as we can.


Vanny; I’m really sorry to hear about your girlfriend’s situation. Concerning which day you attend though, you really should look into coming on the Saturday. It’ll be the day that’s most loaded up with games to play and people to see. If your main concern is the team tournament, I’m sure there are any number of good players that could sub in with Rey & Jimmy. Obviously I respect and encourage you to spend as much time with your girlfriend as possible but if given the choice, you really should attend on the Saturday to get the most out of the T6 weekend.

vanny, sorry to hear what’s happening, it’s appreciated that you want to show up for the team tourny…don’t worry about the drive though since it’s possible for me and jim to go with john or darko…they’re both driving up…then you can show for saturday as justin said, if it’s possible…if you can only go friday then me and jim can go with you friday since it would suck if you drive alone…so let us know what day you’re going on

Thanks a lot guys for the support. I actually chose the Saturday to spend with my girlfriend for the simple fact that I’m already in Toronto Friday night. So all I gotta do is show up at her house after I’m done hanging out. We’re coming back to Hamilton because she’s got some clothes that she needs to get and then we’re just gonna relax. I really do want to enter singles play and redeem myself for my poor showing at last years tournament, but unfortuneately I’m unable to. I’m really sorry about not being able to make it.

Rey and Jim, just come up with me on the Friday, it’ll be some company for the road up. Plus I don’t get to hang out with you guys enough anymore since i’m working all these crazy hours. We could leave a little early and get a little shopping and shit in before you guys get down and dirty and play some games.

“Sure, just gimme a time. Like i said, i booked the friday off. :tup:”

for Team Hammer, and Darko… John booked the hotel last night so you guys now officially owe him 40 dollars a head… and a thanks of course :tup:

so now… we all must prepare for the final battle, someone find me a huge carton of milk… which i will label MOO MOO JUICE so i can bring it to T6.


Definitely had a fucked up day today though definitely its nothing compared to all the things in London. Definitely not what the world needed…ugh…

A little late, but best wishes to Vanny’s girlfriend. Hope everything goes well with her grandma.

Yeah, I’m in for putting up some money for the hotel for the two nights. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait. T6 couldn’t come at a better time for me with some of the stress I’m putting up with lately…:tup:

Nam, are you going to make it for T6?

Definitely came at the right time for me. :tup:

yeah john all we gotta do now is get you a woman… and get you laid.


its 42 bucks.

“i could sure go for a power fuck right now.”

" you know what the cookie monster says… THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN " :encore:

Jimmy needs twice as much as John does :tup: