Hammer and Beehive troubles

Im having a tough time doing Hammer and Beehive facing the left side. I can do it facing the right though.

It feels impossible doing those moves facing the left. Is there something im not getting? Any tips would be great.

There isn’t really a “solve all” solution, it just takes practice doing QCF and DP motions in both directions, especially Beehive.

Just keep practicing. You’ll get it eventually maybe try a different grip if you’re using a stick, and maybe trying a stick if you’re using a controller.

it’s true…practice helps a lot…but i’ll tell you a trick that taught me how to do it…basically when i do it this is my input :f::qcf::m::qcf::m: so it’s forward then two :qcf:'s or hadoukens…good luck

Thanks, I finally got it down. I tried out a different way of holding a stick and it worked. The only problem I have now is that my :m: button doesnt work sometimes.