Hammer Reverse Corner Cross-up

Yeah, so this is something I found out the first week the game was out. I’m sure others know of it, but I haven’t seen it discussed anywhere, I’ve seen no one use it, and searches turned up nothing.

This thread is for those that don’t know.

Dante can reverse cross-up an opponent with Hammer when they are cornered using Air Trick (Teleport). Simply Air Trick > Hammer and Dante will start Hammer behind the opponent but will actually execute Hammer and land in front of the opponent.

It’s confusing as fuck.

If you do this, talk about your setups, please.

Certain projectile assists like Doom beam can force that situation mid screen also. Especially if they dont push block your f+H stinger before you bold cancel teleport and call the assist. Any situation where you can force hammer to land directly on top of the opponent will force such a situation.

That’s disgusting. I’m gonna try that with Iron Man Unibeam Assist.

Against a blocking opponent in the corner, I do: call Drones, Reverb, Fireworks, Teleport, x-up Hammer.

Realized the other day that this may not work on characters with tall hitboxes. This doesn’t work for me on She Hulk.