Hampster tortue, serious business

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/22/hamster-torture-charges-l_n_548059.html

um… is this nguyen the same one from the norcal scene? such crazyness

he made the mistake of torturing a cute animal.

Pretty much. No one campaigns for the “Stop Violence Against the Dung Beetles” foundation.

how fucking bored do you have to be to burn hamsters with lighters and film the whole thing.

hamsters are stupid as hell but you shouldn’t kill something that’s helpless for fun.

yep, you should only kill things that are a challenge, like bears or sea lions

Killing and torturing are two different things. Any good sportsman will do all that he can to make the kill quick.

And Rabbits are cute and are hunted all of the time. Torture is where people need to get help. Locked up, not quite sure but they need to be treated and we need to know where they live for a little bit to insure that they do not become dangerous to people.

I give to you the blandest last name of all time.

4chan’s gonna go get em.

Is there a joke that i’m not getting?


nope just your garden variety typo/spelling error

is it true that New Jersey is taxing the use of tanning salon/booths?