Hampton Roads, Va

Anyone, any sort of “scene” here in hampton roads? that I know of we don’t really have dick for arcades, and well they least used to have a 3rd strike cab in greenbrier but thats gone… I know i could goto flipper mccoys, but uhmm well they don’t have anything work a damn except a couple tek machines, i dunno let me know…

dude theres like 300 va threads… no homo

first and in before lock

Go to the old PutPut (Golf and Games) in Newport News on Warwick I think.

how you know that :confused:

was hoping something on the other side of the water, oh well…

Uhmmm, nothing lately and nothing very specific… but thanks for your useless reply…

Just check the V2 Virginia thread. Hampton is part of the SOVA portion. Slogan likes to joke around.

I lived in Hampton until I left for FAMU in '97.

actually im not joking for once… :shake:

man who the hell are you and fuck 3s

Jeez aren’t we hostile… are if you reread i said AT LEAST they had a 3rd strike cab, which is better then what they have now… but by your hostile comment about who the hell i am? you must not make many friends do you?

you came off like an asshole so i gave you a response like one.

and how exactly did i come off like an asshole? except for the guy who told me to check the forums for my question, which if you haven’t noticed except for a few get togethers (or whatever you want to call them) that have already came and gone…
there is nothing, oh and some guy who is listed as fairfax answering my question with a smart fucking remark, isen’t sposed to get a smart remark back, last i checked we live nowhere near fairfax?

maybe because fairfax is in VIRGINIA and he post regularly in the other VIRGINIA thread thats been already made. if you actually looked and found the Virginia thread which is consistently underneath the sticky’s then you wouldnt of had to make this worthless thread.

oh lord your really trying to prove me stupid now, please besides the trip to ohio show me a thread updates and asking what i do thats anything in the first 3 pages? please do it, it was uite an honest question, was just hoping that someone who wasn’t a a asshole was going to post something so i would know who is local and may know something… without having to look though thousands of old ass meaningless posts… well i guess i have, you posted and now i know… your a asshole… or maybe your not an asshole maybe you just don’t understand the deffinition of community… maybe i was just trying to bring life to the dead ass arcae scene out here…

you still cant find the Virginia thread? after i told you where it was at? ok bro…

you don’t even have to read the whole thread, all you had to do it introduce yourself in the other VIRGINIA thread and they probably would have answered. if you didnt read any updates then most likely there arent. i mean goddamn

well sir… i did what you said… still don’t see how a recent hampton roads thread hurt anyone, but we shall see if your correct…

PS you made me burn my pizza, as i forgot replying to both threads… so right now your an asshole… (that actully had sarcassim in in)

Best to just stop while you’re behind.

No, fuck that, fuck MAHVEL.


This is the only time I’ve ever seen OJ4 hostile. dsinnie you should try and hit up putt around golf and games, that’s probably where you’d find the most competition. As for local, uhhhh, I think OJ4 lives near you (no joke) :lol:

Isn’t is Play-Around?

And if you’re not willing to at least cross the water, you might as well hang it up. I know there’s some players in VA Beach, but the way the scene is now, you have to be willing to travel a little bit to get games in.

And yeah… this thread is useless. There’s a huge VA thread already.