Hand placement during LP or LK + assist combos

So I’ve been playing with Magneto + Psylocke lately… The best way for me to do something like lk lk psy > lk hk hypergrav would be to put my index + ring finger on LK+A1 or 2 and mash them until it works. This works a lot, BUT is it good to do? The downside to doing this is that Psy will always come out even on block which can be punished… I’m curious if people hit lk lk THEN A1 or 2 or just do what I do. Hit LK + A1 or 2 at the same time and hope for the best. I’ve tried hitting LK then A, but it never combos for me. Do I just need more practice or is my original way good?

edit: This isn’t really bound to Magneto only, but he was just someone I use a lot.

Umm… When I use MSP I always hit ATK+Psy, combos all day long. I usually use my thumb for LK and my pinky for assists. I was told the way I play is wrong but it’s comfortable for me.

Psy assist comes out even if they block…this is normal, happens even with good MSPs. People don’t do the lk lk THEN A1 thing that you asked about. The important thing you’ll see tournament magnetos do is protect psylocke if she gets blocked. Some common options to follow up with after a blocked lk lk psy are:

  1. dash in, triangle jump
  2. dash in, cr. lk, launch (works because after people block lk lk psy they sometimes either try to jump away from magneto or they block high anticipating a triangle jump)
  3. dash in superjump lk, lk. (lets you catch people who try to jump away and mag’s sj. lk comes out faster than most attacks. If they don’t block you have them in an instant ROM infinite [ad d/f lk, lk], if they do block then either airdash straight down with fierce, or down/forward depending on their proximity to you, as well as which assist they are using. You can also go for the guardbreak if you recognize that they normal jumped)

If you’d like more stun from pokes into assist, delay the assist call as long as possible, in this case you are able to do

lk,tiny delay psy, then c.mk. stagger the hitstun so that psy will still combo and in the process cause more blockstun.

Word, thanks. Didn’t want to build a bad habit, but glad I’m doing it right. =]