Hand Position on Buttons

Hi SRK guys:)

I’ve been reading SRK for some time and have been playing with my keyboard on GGPO. Anyway, I just built my first custom stick using Sanwa parts and I’ve used Japanese layout for buttons (Viewlix layout).

This is probably an ultra noobish question, but how should I put my right hand on buttons? I mean, which fingers should I use for each button?

I found a “How to hold a stick” thread, but couldn’t find tips on how to use buttons.

It depends really on you since everyone has their own methods of doing button inputs for each game. Whatever makes things easier for you really.

Yeah, this is pretty much how each player chooses. Just try to position/train your hand where it can access the six buttons as quickly and accurately as possible. Especially look at different angles for your hand (like turning your hand more counter-clockwise).

I was actually pretty surprised by how good the Vewlix layout works; now I’m debated whether to use a Sega-type layout or a Vewlix-type layout in my future controllers.

thats the ultimate quesion. sega layout or viewlix? both are pretty damn comfortable. but id have to give a slight edge for the viewlix, only because i can seem to play on it with a little less hand fatigue because my hand can rest a little bit more ergonomically, but the og sega upside down v type of button layout is still classic.

Oh, it’s you! I used your guide for the most part :wink: Keep up the good work.

Hmmm… turning my hand counter-clockwise… so I have to move my wrist back and forth horizontally while playing, right?

To press 2 buttons simultaneously (like for EX moves), do you use 1 finger for both?


do u use ur thumb ?

at MWC i noticed alot of top players keeping their fingers below the buttons and using the first 2 or 3 fingers to press each button most of the time, i hear this is to help making timing links and stuff easier. i would think that it would be better to rest your fingers on the buttons so you can press faster but i’m not even close to as good as those players were.

Link me this thread please. Arcade sticks utterly destroy my skills, in both the stick and the buttons. My goal is to be able to use a Sega Saturn Pad on as many systems as possible (Xbox, PC, PS2, PS3 so far), but sometimes people have Hori Arcade Sticks and I’m utterly clueless about how to properly play. Though no matter what I don’t see how people can do QCFx2 faster on stick than Saturn d-pad.

I tried to use my thumb for LK button, but I couldn’t find a way too press MK and HK :confused:


I press HP/HK with my ring finger, and hit MP/MP with my middle finger, and move my hand over a little to push LP/LK with my index.

Heres a vid of daigo hands while he plays, i tried playing like this for a while, got tired after about 30 minutes. =x

What I do is I tilt my wrist counter clockwise just a little bit and keep my thumb over LK, index over LP, middle over MP, and ring over HP. If I need to press HK then I use my pinky, and for MK I use my thumb. When I’m not using it, I keep my pinky where the D should be for SNK games.

Ex moves? Index and middle or middle and ring. UOH and throws? Finger on top and thumb on bottom. Taunt? Extend index and press against both buttons. You can also do the index extend thing for the throws or UOH.

Pics are best yes?:

This is how I hold the stick, but remember this is just how I am comfortable with it and it will be different for you:

This is how I’ve seen others do it… honestly my hands are too big to play like that:

Cheers mate :tup: