Hand positioning for RC Lightning Legs?

after going to evo and just seeing how powerful roll cancelling is, i tried it finally. and roll cancelling taps is pretty damn easy. i could RC electricity or honda hands in no time.

but RC LL are more of a problem because the hand positioning isn’t as “natural” as with electricity or honda hands because you have to do kicks instead of punches.

any advice on what hand positioning i should use to get RC LL’s?

When u hit the three kicks, u have very little (but enough) time to hit roll and then kick.(same goes with puches)
so here’s what i do when i RC.
Kicks–>(pause-the very little time mentioned above)–>roll–>kick
U can just use the tips of ur fingers for kicks or punches, and still have enough time to hit roll–>kick.
when u input the kicks, its stored in there for a tiny bit b4 it resets, then in that tiny bit, u have enough time to roll–>press kick.
It should come out.

How about on a D-Pad?

The way I do her RC LL is… first do something long enough for you to RC LL… Like dash or strong… same as blanka…
After the dash… Do the the piano for the 3 kicks… I do roundhouse,forward, short… After that, roll with your index finger,(yeh roll with only one finger), and then hit roundhouse with your pinky… It takes a while… but you will get it in no time… If you can do RC Elect… Then RC LL is no problem… so here’s the hand position again…

Piano 3 kicks > Roll with index finger > hit roundhouse with Pinky or any other kicks if ur comfortable with… That’s how I did mine…
Hope it helps… :slight_smile:

Oh yeh… her wake up RC LL is just too crazy… you can link into supers!! I’m trying master that, but I’m getting there :lol:

This method is x-copied from the japanese player toMago.

In order to do the RCed electricity, he would put his index over jab, his middle finger over strong, his ring finger over fierce, and his thumb over short.

From there, you just roll your fingers from left to right twice, really quickly. The first pass, don’t let your thumb press, and the second pass, let your thumb press. Viola! Instant RCed electricity.

Once you learn this, you can do something similar for the lightning legs.

Curl your middle, ring and pinkie.

Now put your hand over the buttons with the index over the jab, and the thumb over the short. The knuckles of your other fingers should be over the forward and roundhouse buttons.

Now, roll your hand twice as before. On the first pass, don’t let your index finger press the button, on the second pass, let your index press the button. Welcome to RCed LL.

WTF?? You guys do it so weird. I’ve always done it like this:

LK(index), MK(middle), HK(ring)… LP(index)+LK(thumb), HK(ring knuckle)

The beginning is just like RC Electricity, except on the bottom row buttons. The only difference is in the end, at the roll~HK part, where you just do it like you’d normally do an RC kick.

What’s the best way to practice this in training mode? I can do the RC Lightning Legs since I can see the right sequence of the buttons I pressed in the key display after the move comes out. However, I want to test the invincibility on it so if anyone can suggest a CPU opponent to fight against and record a move of theirs for me to try this out. I usually test my RCing against fireballs but with button pressing RC’s it’s kinda difficult.

which is better for chun li for a beginner, a groove or c groove

it depends on where you want chun li to fit into your overall team. C > A simply put, because of her killer 9000+ combo in C-groove. and A is nice, but her customs aren’t THAT great, and you should be looking to combo level 1’s instead of hitting CC’s.

but if you’re really good with bison/sakura/blanka/hibiki/etc in A-groove, then implement her into your team. but if you have a solid C-team, use her in C either 2nd or 3rd. you don’t want her on point because her damaging supers are what makes her arguably top tier. if you’re really confident, make her your R2, otherwise, R1.

here’s gandido’s old chun li FAQ, which is just about perfect, but it’s a little lacking in character matchups. after you read through that, you shouldn’t have too many questions.

how about this question, I’ve always been a chun li player and after her i’d always pick guile in the old street fighter games. Is guile good in c groove also ? Chun li and guile are the only ones i’d know how to use but who else would fit in this team in c groove ? It’s not like i have cvs2 on console so i learn as I play matches/lose quarters in arcades =P but whenever i feel like winning some, play mvsc2 =D I’ll go read that chun li faq now, thanks !

guile is still really good. his flash kick isnt as good as before but he has other options. especially when you bring in rc.

ok i’m lost, to roll it’s lp lki n a groove but i went on gamefaqs and got this

C - Groove

Air guard
Counter attack
Tactical recovery

C groove is very much like the gauge used in the alpha series, as 

well as CvS1. It allows you to stock up to 3 supers, and can use them as
a level 1,2 or 3 super (LP/LK, MP/MK, or HP,HK respectively).

me = lost

lp + lk is a roll. they’re describing that by doing the super motion plus lk OR lp will be a level 1, mk OR mp will be a level 2, and hp OR hk will be a level 3.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for clearing that up =D. What would happen if a character doesn’t have a lvl 3 super, or does that just mean that the super will just be 3 times stronger or so if you initiate the lvl 1 super motion using the hp/hk keys ?

Errrrr, I’m no expert, and I’m confused by your question, slightly, but I think my answer will clarify the situation for you.

Your question applies only to C-Groove.

Level-3 supers don’t do literally 3-times the damage as level-1s…maybe close to 2x the damage. Level-3s in this game DO have higher priority than level-2s, and ESPECIALLY level-1s. You can easily get knocked out of most level-1s, so it’s usually best to use those in a combo only. So the higher the level of super you use, it’s not just a damage increase but a priority increase.

I just re-read what you typed, and “or so” part might be the only part of your question that confused me :slight_smile:

Level-1 means 1 bar of super energy; level-2 means you have 2 bars of energy, etc…

There is only ONE punch or kick button that you can press to get a level-3 super to come out: level-3s must always be done with the fierce or roundhouse button (depending on whether it’s a kick super like Chun Li’s kick super, or a punch super like Balrog’s Super Dashing punch, etc.).

You can do a level-2 super with the strong or forward buttons, but if you have only 2 bars of super energy available, you can press fierce or roundhouse and you automatically will do a level-2 super, because you do not have ENOUGH super bars to do a level-3, so the game does the next best thing and gives you a level-2.

You can do a level-1 super with the jab or short buttons whenever you have 1, 2, or 3 bars of super meter available. If you have only 1 bar of energy, you can press ANY punch or kick button and get a level-1 super to come out, but it’s better to press jab or short if you ONLY want to use 1 bar of super meter.

There is only ONE time I can think of, when you would want to press a punch or kick button that is not intended for a specific level of super.

It’s hard to explain without going right into the example, so I’ll just do that.

Let’s say you have ALMOST 2 bars of super meter, and you just hit the opponent, leaving them open for a combo, and you want to use a super in that combo for more damage. You know your opponent won’t die if you hit him with a combo that ends with a level-1 super, and you want to do a level-2 super in your combo, if possible. It’s hard to pay attention to your super bar at the same time that you do your combo, so you can’t tell at that VERY MOMENT if you hit your opponent enough to fill up your bar to 2 levels, for a level-2. If you press jab or short, you will definitely only do a level-1 super, but you might suddenly have 2 bars, right before you combo/buffer into super, so you press strong or forward instead. If you have 2 levels stored up, you’ll do a level-2; if you still have only 1 bar full, you’ll do a level-1, but at least you know that you didn’t do a level-1 instead of a level-2, which of course would do more damage.

That is a rare case during a match, because usually you’ll get the chance to check your super meter before setting up a combo that contains a super in it, but it’s helpful for that occasional victory you otherwise would have missed the chance to get!