Hand positions for 6 button games?

I’m having some trouble trying to learn any game with more than 4 buttons. I’m pretty comfortable with Persona and Marvel’s layouts, but when it comes to SF or GG I don’t know what to do. I’m used to having them like this


And I would use my thumb or ring finger for the other 2 if I’m playing Marvel. Any suggestions? (Yes I read the sticky)


all I can say is just practice until you feel comfortable, your hand will find the way on its own.

btw I play like this;
:l:(Pointer finger):m:(Middle Finger):h:(Ring Finger)
:s:(Thumb):a1:(Thumb):a2:(Ring Finger)
it works for most games

pointer finger to index finger on punches
use same fingers for kicks

That’s exactly how I used to play, but I switched to just using pointer, middle and ring for both rows of buttons. I found it easier to cancel into ex kick specials and plink kicks this way. It also feels more comfortable since my hand is always opened up rather than being in an awkward claw position.

There really isn’t a right or wrong way. I’d just spend more time practicing/playing. Your hands will find something that works for them organically.

Using a stick isn’t a rigid thing. You don’t need to maintain the same grip and hand position for everything. You don’t always have to hit the same buttons with the same fingers.

Just give it some time and 6 button games will feel as natural as 4 button games.

Japanese 6-button layout, most players use index middle ring fingers for the top three, and then thumb middle ring for the bottom three.

On ye olde American 6 layout, a lot of players would use index for both the top and bottom left-column button, middle finger for the middle column of buttons, and ring finger for the two right-column buttons.

For any layout, certain fingers are usually substituted on other buttons during particularly tangled movements and awkward button combinations or sequences. This is where personal preferences are most likely to shine through.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Just feel it out for yourself. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if any particular methods or techniques aren’t working out. Pay attention between hand positions that transition too slowly, fast movements that don’t give you enough precision, and positions that put a prolonged or exaggerated strain on your hand.

Things become messier for unusual commands that involve comparatively exotic inputs, like holding down buttons, timing button releases, double-tapping, pianoing, etc. Your hand will feel like it’s playing Twister with itself at a very lonely party until you get used to them individually, on a case-by-case basis. (Practice!)

It’s important to remember that you will see lots and lots of seasoned players doing lots and lots of different things with their fingers and hands. You can always pull ideas from them but don’t get caught thinking that there is one “right” way.

One of our city’s very best Hyper Fighting players does all of his button presses using all four of his fingers bunched together into the shape of a large pointy slapping mitten. I wouldn’t recommend his style to anybody, but he makes it work for himself! It’s pretty awesome. I hate losing to that guy. Hahaha.

There’s no standard.
Sometimes you have to change up which fingers you use.
Rog’s turn punch with KKK, sometimes you’re holding the buttons with your thumb/ring/pinky, and poking with all 3 punches with just your pointer/middle.

As said - adapt.

mine tends to change based on game/situation.

index, middle, ring for the top row buttons.
index, middle, ring for the bottom buttons.

I only use my thumb when i have to press one of the top buttons with one at the bottom, or there is a specific button assigned for blocking like in Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur. There are always exceptions when i’ll use my thumb, for instance when i’m charging a move by holding certain buttons and i only have my index and thumb free.

There are also people who play like this:
middle, ring, pink

Anyway just try out different things and see what is comfortable.

As has been stated, there really isn’t a standard.

SRK’s icons aren’t exactly the best for expressing Guilty Gear’s button layout, but given the following icons:

:k: :s: :h:
:p: ___ :snkd:

:p: - Thumb or index finger
:k: - Index or middle finger
:s: - Middle or ring finger
:h: - Ring finger
:snkd: - Ring finger or pinky

The alternate fingers are used for certain situations where they feel better. For example, I will usually input a burst with my pinky plus one other finger, but otherwise only use my pinky when negative-edging certain Dust specials and forcebreaks. I generally use my thumb for Punch in combos but usually use my index finger when anti-airing or FRCing.

For Street Fighter, my hand positioning is mostly the same, though it might be worth mentioning that I use my index + middle fingers for any vertical two-button combinations with the exception of throw which is sometimes thumb+index finger.

Some people like to have their fingers like this:<div><br></div><div>LP- Pointer finger    MP- Middle  HP-  Ring Finger</div><div>LK- Thumb</div><div><br></div><div>and for the other kicks, they just slide their hands down. This way they can easily tech throws and throw. I can’t stand playing this way. How I do it is:</div><div><br></div><div>LP- Pointer      MP- Middle    HP- Ring</div><div><br></div><div>and then I slide them down for the kicks. I move my hands around a lot when I play (When I want to do a lot of Focus Attacks, I keep ring on MK and pinkie on HP). I say just do what you feel comfortable with. If you want to do their way, my way, that guy’s way, or even your own way, experiment. See what you like best.</div>

I use left hand for buttons (keyboard habit), so I play crosshanded:<br><br>6 button layout:<br>sp (ring), mp (middle),hp (index)<br>sk (pinky or ring) mk (ring or middle) hk (index or thumb))<br><br>4 button layout (SNK but also in other games)<br><br>I use an 8 button stick so I have the first 4 buttons in ABCD order<br>A: pinky or ring, B:ring C: middle D: index<br><br>still this gives me a lot of trouble in combos and setups, but at least I win on mobility since I use right hand for stick. so some motions like df, hcb or shoryukens would require many months of training with left hand. Better to improve what I already know <br>

It would be nice having a stick for the right hand, but I think I will train the left one, since I cant build a stick by myself due to my incompetence.

You can turn the stick the opposite direction if you want and map the inputs accordingly (up instead of down, CBA instead of ABC etc). I’d have done the same, but I play crosshanded only regarding fighters.
In all the other arcade games (shmups, platformers, puzzle, sports etc) I dont have issues playing with left hand.
Just fighters. Same with a gamepad. there I fare far worse in fighters with left hand.
I also do it for stability, because sometimes hand may slip in such demanding games.
So it would be tedious having to turn the stick left or right whenever I want to play other games.

If fighters were played with the right hand, players would play even better.
left hand cripples your moves.

Can’t you like… move your hand and shit?