Hand Sweat: How to Combat It?

I have a major problem with my hands getting sweaty during sessions of training/playing at tournaments. This hand sweat completely kills my execution. Does anybody have any strategies for keeping the hands dry during gameplay? I pretty much wipe them on a towel between matches/rounds, but are there any better solutions (gloves, LeBron James-style powder throwing before every match, etc)?

Lose weight.

Currently working on that one actually; I’m down about 45-50 lbs from where I was but still have a long way to go. I’m looking for a more short-term solution.

I’m 5’9 150lbs and I also have this problem.

You can always go with fingerless gloves.

It was a joke.

Try a little gold bond powder.

Give Handjelina Jolie a break for a few days.

But Ms. Michigan feels so good :]

It’s a condition called hyperhidrosis (sp?). Try some sort of aluminium based antipersperant from a pharmacy. There’s also a newish product called “No Sweat” here in Australia. A chronic hand sweater has told me it’s the only thing that had any effect for her so ask your pharmacist.

Just wash your hands and dry them every few hours or when they start feeling sweaty…that’s what I do…good as new execution lol

I’m glad i’ve never had this problem…

i’m with abandonist(the gold bond powder)

yeh wash your hands with soap, don’t use moisturiser or soap that contains moisturiser.