Hand Watchers...what do you think about them?

I dunno but I have never really heard other peoples opinions on this. I sometimes feel like I have to change my hand position and as a whole the way I play because I will start to notice a players eyes dropping down on my hands. Is it bad gamer ethic? Jap players have head to head cabinets does that make them better cause they concentrate on the screen more perhaps? Dunno I just wanna hear what people have to say about this.



Yeah man your right on about that, the Japanese do have an advantage cause they concentrate only on the screen and not the player. I believe it’s true anyways. I don’t think it’s bad gamer ethic tho, it’s still like one of your senses and If your looking at someones hands your not looking at the screen…


The only time I ever glance at people’s hands is when I play Soul Calibur 2, and that’s usually only if I think they’re trying to buffer Summon Suffering on me.

Well if I can see someones body language I can sort of sense a move(Wake-up,super,special) so therefore I now have developed a fake twitch for players to get faked out if they are watching. Its not just only hands though I think its just the persons body being so close to ya you can almost feel the moves they do(even if your not looking) because of the hand motions involved in the moves which can then make it easier to read a player.

P.S. I was kidding about the twitch :rolleyes: though but I do jerk my body every now and then.

hand watching pisses me off… the only acceptable reason to start a fight over

i dont think any handwatching is exceptable. to me its bullshit, watch the fucking screen and play the game. i never do it and i dont respect anyone who does.

Damn so far ive got more feedback on people who hate it. Is there anyone who thinks its ok? I know some people who do it and I hate it but learned to almost deal with it. Is there anyone out there who does it and think that there is nothing wrong with it?


for the arcade impaired people, whats hand watching?

Its the ability to see the moves they will do next by seeing there hand motions/body motions from the corner of your eye…so yeah thats handwatching.

I’m used to the head to head Astro City cabinets, so I don’t have problems with this hand watching bull shit. Handwatchers are losers, if they rely on that shit to win, then don’t play the game.

Besides, people who watch hands aren’t looking at the screen. You can’t do both. Unless you have eyes that face different directions, then you should just be banned from playing altogether, cheater.

I have seen people hand watch not because they want to know what the next move their opponent is going to do, but more of finding out how to do a certain move. For instance, one of my friends can do Sakura’s A-groove custom, but the person who it was being done on doesn’t. He watches their hands to find out how to do it. I think it would be better to have asked my friend instead of being a spy, but whatever.

For me, hand watching creeps me the hell out. It’s weird to see them start looking at you and feels awkward. So yeah, I don’t respect it.

It’s dumb, but I don’t really pay attention to it. Standing that close to someone, you can usually tell what they’re up to anyway. Hell, sometimes I do things based on the sound of button taps alone.

N - Screen-lookers are the worst, though. You know who you are, you fucking cheaters.

They suck.

Every arcade should have versus cabs.

i donno much about handwatchers, watch my hands all you like cuz i generally don’t move that much anyhow, but i really really hate it when someone tries to hog all the bloody shoulder/arm room.

a friend of mine was playing his twelve one time in cf and went invisible against some ryu or whatever. the ryu player didnt know what to do so he looked at his hands, it really sucks if u hand watch against a invisible twelve because it really ruins the whole set up and work that went into having the opportunity to use the invisibility.

twelve NEEDS his invisibility… HOW DARE HE HAND WATCH!!!

i see marvel players actually tell me stories of how they fake button presses to counter hand watchers.

All fuckin day sir

haha, actually this is an interesting topic. well, with mvc2, i used to cross up a lot, jus normal dash under someone when i had them in the rom. but then ppl started to hold forward on me. after a while same side crossup, then they’d start to hold normal back again. so jus for fun, for a while, i’d get ppl in rom, do rom while looking at their hands for like three reps, to see how ppl try to defend against crossups… i felt cheap, but actually learned that for the most part, ppl tend to hold back the couple hits up, then on the way down block forward sometimes, jus a lil tidbit

but i got nothing personal against handwatchers, whatever floats your boat, ya know

anytime anyone watches my hands it’s a free projectile to the face from me.

yeah i don’t understand how someone who is watching your hands and not the screen is going to do anything productive with the game they paid to lose.