Handling draws in tournaments?

In casuals the other day, I came into a situation where both a friend and I ended a game in a draw. Anyone know if there’s a standard way to handle this situation in tournaments? I could think of 2 options:

  1. Both players win a game (this wouldn’t really help if both players already won one game in a best of 3 set).

  2. Both players don’t win a game and run it back (most likely the way I’ll go if there’s no standard).

Second option I suppose…In games that have tie-breaker criteria (score, overall damage output, whatever) and decide a winner anyways, you should go with who the game says was the winner (though a lot of people argue a rematch should be done anyways)

It matters little tbh, whatever you do, just make sure the rules are clear beforehand

Tie breaker match?

Had this happen at West Coast Warzone, I was up 1-0 and we had a double KO. Ended up having to replay that match instead of giving a win to each player. Pretty sure thats the standard way to handle it

It’s really up to the tournament director and his set of rules at that particular event, but the standard (commonly accepted) practice is as you wrote in your 2nd option: to award neither player the “game point” and replay that game.

While less common, it’s not unreasonable of organizers to opt to only use a tie-breaking method if awarding a game point to each player will end the whole set (like the situation in Pimp Willy’s above post); otherwise they will award one game point to each player (example: this can be done for the first game in a set that is best 2 out of 3 games).

Other possibilities are:

  • Flip a coin to break the tie. (This is typically an unpopular choice with the players!)
  • Some games, like 3rd Strike, have some sort of built-in judgement factor to decide a winner for you in the case of a draw game. Each tournament can, of course, choose whether or not they will use them. For what it’s worth, Evo does use them.