Handling Force attack as an anti air


I’ve been playing Juri in usf4, and am having trouble with ppl spamming force attack as AA.
My best counter has been either grab after I land, or hit with 3 frame attacks (mp) as I land. Would it be possible to backdash after my air attack to dodge it, and possibly punish it?


Some characters can backdash at the last moment and punish your whiffed grab. Use a dive kick while you’re still in the air, or EX PinWheel as you land (still risky).

But the correct answer is “stop jumping so much”. Whenever you think people are spamming anti-air strategies it means you’re jumping too much.


Edit: Someone delete this.

  • During neutral be on the lookout for focus, buffer your divekick and press the button when you’ll see it.
  • If you can react during your jump in arc, do a divekick.
  • if you can react during your jump in arc, use a mp jump in and cancel it into a divekick, you’ll end up on other side for a nice punish.
  • do a throw upon landing.
  • ex pinwheel
  • backdash if they’ll try and release focus.