Hands down, best tutorial mode EVER!


This is easily the most in depth tutorial mode (rivaling Skullgirls) in a fighting game ever.

The main tutorial mode forces you to learn how to dodge, advanced recovery guard after dodging/getting hit, and it makes you do it 5 times in a row successfully before you move on.

The command list tutorial mode has Frame data, live input, playback, sound on presses on playback, quick position reset, positioning on reset (i.e. turn around, against wall, etc.)

In short: amazing.


You’ve obviously never seen VF4:E’s training mode.


Loving Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown!!!


You should’ve seen VF4Evo’s.


Actually a bit disappointed. As people have mentioned already and will undoubtedly mention again, VF4:Evo’s was better. It’s not bad though.


VF4:E’s would make a man out of you, and a good player. This one does not, and it would have been really welcome seeing as how there is zero English information about FR. Seriously, have you guys found anything? There is nothing other than movelists.

But hey, for 15 bucks, I’m definitely not complaining.



VF4EVO is on EU PSN iirc


Can you use a Madcatz TE stick on PS2 emulated games?


Excluding VF4:Evo’s, yes…so I don’t even think people should be dissapointed because it’s still better than everything else out there.


I was actually pretty disappointed with it, considering how hyped up the training mode was. Also goes to show you how terrible most fighting game training modes are if VF5FS’ is the best one in recent memory.

I’m glad I spent at least a little time with VF4 Evo before FS came out. It really helped me understand a lot of the game’s mechanics.


It’s good, but VF4 Evo’s is still the gold standard, and is what made me become a fan of the games. It even had a glossary…I don’t know any other fighting game that has that.


VF4 Evo’s training mode was an encyclopedia. This one’s more like the cliffs notes. And what’s with that 33+G shit? Or that missed evade/block thing? I swear I’m never EVER going to do that in a match. Pain in the ass doing it five times straight.


For serious? 33G is one of the most useful option selects in the game. Fuzzy guarding lets you beat out the mid/throw mixup between -3 and -5 frame disadvantage, so you essentially deal with both options without having to play the guessing game.


I agree that it is lacking a lot. It covers only a portion of important subjects, and the stuff it does cover it speeds over and doesn’t explain clearly at all.