Hands off my Jewels! The Power Stone 1/2/collection Thread


easily an underrated classic thats just to good to pass up, if you sold your dreamcast then shoot yourself…

I want to know about tier lists, items, and characters in general…and I want to create a scene

lets start at the beginning…version comparisons

Power Stone
*features dive kicks

  • timing on reverals and counters are more simple
  • wall Bounces travel farther
  • certain items had better properties (I.e molotov cocktail)
  • you can combo specials into supers (I.E Ayame Y teleport into RT super)

Power Stone 2

  • removal of dive kick system
  • revesal timing changing
  • more items but a few of the originals properties where nerfed (no juggle on molotov hit)
  • wall bounces are slower but you can dive from standing positions

Power Stone Collection
aside from all characters are playable in 1 and boses from 1 are now in 2 in not sure of any changes…

sample PS2 gameplay

Sample PS1 gameplay

Pyschochronic’s Playlist 2010 recent casual matches

Accel and Wang-Tang hold shit down…:cool:


What’s the tier-list of this game anyway? It is something I’ve been wondering about for years.


nothing set in STONE.(get it?hehe) but im just putting it out there

im also indicating health levels…

power stone

Valgas (high)
Falcon (normal)
Ryoma (normal)
Wang-Tang (low)

Rouge (normal)
Galuda (high)
Gunrock (high)

Ayame (Low)
Jack (normal)
Kraken (normal)

power stone 2
Accel (normal)
Falcon (normal)
Gourmand (high)
Ryoma (normal)
Wang-Tang (low)

Ayame( low)
Rouge (normal)
Pride (high)
Pete (normal)
Gakuda (high)

Jack( normal)
Mel (low)
Julia (low)
Gunrock (high)


IDK about that tier list. Ayame had the best special with that heat seeking ninja star special (Power Stone 2).

I rock with Wang-Tang regardless, just a good all around character.

I really wish they made this game for PSN updated with Online play. Too bad it’s not that popular of a game.


I mained Falcon and Wang Tang in both games. Still own a copy of Power Stone 2, but sadly back in the day I traded Power Stone 1 for another DC game. Oh well. I need to find the collection somewhere or borrow it/buy it off my brother.


There was another Power Stone thread last year, but it died off into obscurity

Power Stone
A Tier: Ayame, Garuda, Wang Tang
B Tier: Gunrock, Falcon, Jack, Rouge
C Tier: Ryoma

This list didn’t have Valgas and Kraken, but the one Shadow Ace listed has them placed right I’d say.

I couldn’t find a tier list for 2, but I could list some cheap things per character (that matter anyway):

Wang-Tang - Pro wall combo that makes opponent lose a Power Stone, annoying Special Attack and Power Fusions
Ayame - The infamous Shuriken Power Fusion spam that allows you to collect Power stones freely (it combos into itself), her head stomp, her aerial swipe move that hits once and makes an opponent lose a Power Stone, her 100 Flower Power Fusion is extremely powerful if you know how to hit the ‘sweet spot’ (which isn’t hard), ANNNNND she’s fast
Julia - Nothing special about her in particular, but her pounce move is hard to avoid if you don’t know how to dodge, and she gets free Power Fusions by hitting an opponent with her special. Julia is the only Power Stone character with true unblockables as part of her moveset :looney:
Pete - His Power Fusions are very hard to avoid if the player knows how to keep on you at all times. Otherwise he’s just annoying
Accel - This guy…his ground wall attack is GDLK, as it is a projectile and makes an opponent lose a Power Stone if the last part of the attack hits. He has a very useful midscreen combo that hits OTG with the Action button and makes an opponent lose two Power Stones, and his Power Fusions are very powerful; the Motorbike fusion is good if the Accel player is surrounded, and the Bullet fusion is, like, one of the best moves ever. You can spam this move much like Ayane’s Shuriken Power Fusion and freely collect Power Stones. Unlike Ayame’s Power Fusion, [media=youtube]RCz3D69sAsk#t=1m20s"[/media]
Galuda - The only noteworthy thing about Galuda is his Power Fusion where he slams the opponent for like 50% at minumum, if you can land it. Otherwise he’s slow and you need to be able to catch items and dodge like crazy
Falcon - All around balanced character, has at least one answer to everything (except being jumped, every character is just about screwed there). The Missile Power Fusion hurts if the entire move connects
Rouge - Almost forgot about her, can’t do that lol. Her jumping attack has to be [media=youtube]yLJ9ebF9VPI"[/media]. On whiff, it covers ground faster than just about everything and can be used repeatedly. On hit, you can hit confirm into a combo. Power Fusions and aren’t anything too special, but her flamethrower special is great for zoning. You’ll primarily want to collect Power Stones just so the other guy doesn’t transform. Her jumping normal is THAT GOOD.

Anyone I didn’t list I can’t think of anything good for


Pride had the shinryuken…that is all

I want to get some recorded matches for 2010 in here once I get the chance, first tournament in over a decade(for me) will feature it all…semi-finals,loser’s, grand finals

If anyone has any videos of on there own.post them here I can update the OP with them…


Oh, I see. I think I used to use Ryoma, I forgot.

Has anybody tried playing the PSP collections version over xlink-kai or ad-hoc party? :o


I had the PSP one, but the game was really gitchy. It kept crashing or freezing. Not sure if anyone else had that problem.


I havent played the PS games in forever. Time to dust off the DC for some PS madness.


Uhh, I don’t know about Powerstone 1, but S-Tier in Powerstone 2 is Gouramond 100%.


Oh, word? I always hated Gourmand, but I didn’t know he was OP :rofl:


Beat ne to it keits. That fat chef was god tier.


Me and my buddies still play it to take a break from our Sessions
Gunrock has to be up there in PS2 his projectile was gdlk

one time in extra stage 2 with the time winding down he threw a boulder at me and i was able to dodge it by jumping off the stage.
with time being over and sudden death happening it causes the player to rise up and i ended up getting hit by the boulder losing the match.
I broke my DC control that day.


I haven’t played this in years cause I don’t own it but I remember Galuda’s dive is used from air to ground it knocks the opponent straight up. I don’t think they can tech either and you can just combo into his grab super for a lot of damage. This only works in PS1 though.


I had a local argue with me for a year that Gouromond was not #1, and that PETE (of all characters, he is BAD) was #1. We fianlly got to play and he didnt win once.

You can avoid any super, but you cannot avoid Pigs in a Pot. And it helps to have a fast thrown-weapon speed, and Gouromonds is like top 3 or 4 throw speed.


Ayame was definitely tops in one, Shuriken special ftw! Playing Accel in 2 was fun but I hated the fact that he could easily be knocked out of one his specials.

I really wish collection had wifi, and not ad-hoc.


without top level gameplay (current) all choices for current status tiers remain in question


God damn I loved these games. I dusted off my DC about a month ago and put this in… no one to play with though :frowning:


I don’t think I could play any PS by myself now, even then I hated being forced into single player modes.