Handy trick with Gouki

I don’t know if you know this but I thought I might inform you about this.
You can do teleport with Gouki to escape from corner situations, time and perform the teleport move to be done just as Gouki gets up from the corner. You can escape to the middle of the screen or even turn the situation and corner the opponent yourself, yes.

However, the handy trick that I wanted to mention is to simply teleport as aforementioned, but to teleport backwards, towards the corner, your opponent will most likely anticipate you to be ‘escaping’ the corner, not expecting you to simply remain where you are. As you teleport, his attack will not hit you, and you can use this opportunity to punish.

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I’m gonna be nice and just say this is pretty common knowledge.

Yeah, and if you do it more than once in the same week to someone they will just fuck you up in the corner and make you look like a fool

Yes, however, this does give you more options, turning defense into offense.

… As they say, the best form of defense is offense.

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The summum being “teleport backwards into shungokustatsu” :rofl:

Thanks man, this tip will help me out a lot next time I’m playing some of Jerry’s kids.

You are welcome, glad I helped out with your skills.

Roshi these people are making light of your handy trick. Teleport strats have been in use for a long timed. Not a bad idea to end with RD of some kind but teleporting into the corner leaves you very vulnerable and good players will capatilze on this rather quickly.
Pherai was trying to break it to you softly.

I agree, I agree, but I would not teleport into corner, I meant teleporting ‘backwards’ when already in the corner, to confuse the opponent. Of course, this would be done very rarely, as a surprise move.

is this for real?

Make sure you use the kick version of the teleport to get back into your corner.

If you use the punch version they can parry it.

But if you block, you cant teleport.


Teleport xx KKZ is also possible.

Would there be any good reason to do KKZ after a kick teleport in the corner? It seems to me that this would be easy to evade unless they jump in for a cross up… or something, I dunno.

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t keep this thread going.

is this thread for real?

wasnt roshi banned O.o

lol its so hard to tell if Roshi is serious or just fooling us all and getting away with it.

Well, you don’t need to use this handy trick more than once a day, but this handy trick, when done out of surprise, most people would have a moment of surprise. Imagine you have been teleporting out of corner pressure all day long, then you suddenly teleport when you are in corner (but you end up in corner again), the opponent might have thought you were going midscreen, but will get a moment of confusion. They might press back, then forward or something. That brief fraction of a second time that you have to do something, say like a chipping KKZ or Shun Goku Satsu. [media=youtube]eBGIQ7ZuuiU"[/media]

But of course, only do this rarely, I just wanted to point out this handy trick does exist.