Hanging his arms like some gorilla

Why does he sometimes just stand there hanging his arms and looking like some gorilla? And the opponent gets a free shot at him.
I know that it is a ‘special move’. I see people do this by accident every now and then.
What is this move supposed to do?

It’s a counter. If they hit with a high or mid move (don’t think it counters lows) he takes the hit then hits them back.

I think it’s usually by accident more than anything. I’ve negative edged it out a couple times when I didn’t want it. It can be used as a bait though.

I do it on purpose.

Nothing says awesome like a meaty s.rh, canceled s.fp into cc.

when i am holding back to block and do a f.fierce, i get cross counter quite often.

You get CC when going hcf??:confused: Isn’t it hcb+P? Or do you negative-edge-it when going from f.fierce, than going hcb to block?

It’s got it uses though. I use it rarely, mostly EX version versus Makoto’s axe kicks and even then only if I have tons of life left and the enemy is almost dead. It can cool off aggressive attackers, but isn’t really all that good, 'cause you can simply parry and punish for tons more damage without taking any.

maybe. all i know is cc always comes out when i’m poking with f.fierce. or perhaps its s.fierce.

either way, it causes much embarassment and sometimes, life lost.

i hate when i cross up myself and i think im gettin a mgb and get a stupid cc

cc and c.fp is all you need vs Urien.

They can’t do much when your cc just rips apart their aegis games.


cc is hot

Well, I guess the only explanation would be you rolling the stick in a half circle motion after the poke, possibly negative edgeing it… Well, whatever, don’t do it:lol:

@Humbag - those accidental crossups piss me off too. You jump in, hit and do a CC… with your opponent sweeping or thrownig while laughing their asses off…

ex ones can actually be usefull, i remember watching a vid and dudley was against akuma. the dudly had about 1/5 of life, and the akuma had 2 stocks and VERY low life, dudley uses ex cross counter when akuma comes jumping in hurricane but for some reason dudly didn’t counter so dudley lost,i can’t remember the finisher but i remember he lost.

CC only counters high attacks, Yang can land raw or EX slashes on him without triggering it.

CCs come out for me when I press back and throw. Used to happen quite often, but not as much anymore.

the problem with some hits (Uriens kneedrop comes to mind) is that they hit Duds EX CCing, he counters and misses the first shot so the second one doesn’t come out. Mostly moves, that come from the air… Works wonders with Makoto’s heel drop though…