Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters trailer


Look pretty cool to me



snow white now this. is this the gonna become a thing to do?


Wow! This movie looks AWESOME… ly like ass!
Reminds me of that Van Helsing mess.

I’m sure 12 year olds will love it. :coffee:


Van Helsing 2: Twice the shit, half the Wolverine.


just make a grimm movie…then ill be happy.




I can’t believe they did the Matrix dodge. Ugh.


Wait, I change my previous statement.

I believe SIX year olds will love this movie.


Id like to see a “twilight” version of green eggs and ham…


There already was one.

I don’t remember too much of it to make judgments on its execution, though.

Fantasy and mainstream fairy tales are becoming the norm now.


In accordance with Wades Law: 167791 20:7460419 I am prohibited from saying anything negative about this film.


I don’t think that’s the Grimm he was talking about.




no grimm as in the nbc show


Oh, whoops! I have been humbled.


Hawkeye what the fuck are you doing man?


Makin dat guap. He’ll be back as Hawkeye anyway eventually, now is the time to stack paper all day. He can worry about serious roles later lol.


I am genuinely shocked that Milla Jovovich isn’t in this. Oh that’s right, she is too busy ruining yet another chance at us ever having a good Resident Evil movie.



At least Resident Evil brings in money, even if the past movies have lacked a good story. The Resident Evil franchise has found a formula that works, especially with releasing the movie in the fall where there aren’t a lot of big blockbusters traditionally.

Also, if Retribution does well financially there will be a sixth and final film.


Their “formula” is appealing to the lowest common denominator. Not exactly a hard thing to do in this day and age where people will consume anything put in front of them figuratively and literally.

Also I like how you imply that people profiting from that franchise and a plan to develop another sequel after this is some how a GOOD thing. That shit is genuinely more scary to me than the prospect of Iran and Korea working together for a common goal.


Looks like shit.